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  • Yo, it's Pop. I was the guy who unfortunately had to knock you out first round at the "bad rules tournament extravaganza"

    And I played a Ness player in quarters.... it was not pretty.....
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    We'll have to have a rematch sometime with normal tournament rules and nonlaggy tvs :)
    I asked for teamsies in the thread as well yesterday, but I'm not sure how often you check the it. It seems like most people are just posting and not asking. So, shall we team? =D
    Hey, I know we never met and I'm not sure if you're still looking for a teammate for Pound. But if you're interested lmk, I need a teammate too and Sheik/Peach is ****. :o
    FORKGIRL! too good! u beat me in team pools today ahahaha. dangit i shoulda stepped it up! man u and caveman, too goodz

    but dang haha, u guys like one piece? its the most legit manga ever. u like boa hancock? shes like my favorite character too. ahaha i was gonna talk to u guys about one piece but i was sick and shy ahah. ill prolly say hi tomorrow
    oh man, you have no idea how much i want to go....and how much i CANNOT miss school at the same time.... this hurts... lol
    Hey whats up? I played a lot of marths in Georgia, but I think I might know who you are...did we play pretty late at night and you said that this was your first tournament??
    Hey girl, Whats up? Sorry I am messaging you so late. I am the guy from the tourney in Georgia. I am the marth you played like 15 rounds against. I wanted to know what you been up to.
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