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  • hey don do you have the results from the ToDs i wasent at? one was the one sk was at (11), and the others were ToD 12 and 14
    Thanks man i did pretty well but i was hoping to get first lol. I ended up beating Stingers 2-0, Elev8 2-1, Michael 2-1, Duo 2-1, and like 2 other people 2-0. I lost to Reflex round 2 2-0 and Lounis 2-0 :/. Was a lot of fun though and gave me confidence in my zss again.
    Ah just curious. So ya actually i've recently followed michael in picking up mk and got second yesterday beating Scatt 2-0, Billy 2-0, and Player 1 3-2. I lost to billy in winners and lounis in grands. I think ima trimain Mk, Zss, Falco. I went like 80% mk and 20% falco then. It was my first time seriously using mk in tourney so i kinda feel that if i seriously train him and learn match ups i could get a lot better. Michael didnt go so i didnt get the chance to vs him but w/e. Im currently 1-1 w/ him and 4-4 in games(Zss vs Mk).

    Ive Seen The Future......And Its Mk
    How would u compare me and him? Like was he around the same level or is he higher? O ya and glad to hear ur playing still. Good **** man
    haha, yeah I wanted to but I realized I have finals in 2 weeks so it's a no go unfortunately.
    Didnt want to post anymore in the zss boards since i want to be critiqued and our convo is takin up the current page xD. Well waba is coming back and all i know for december is there is a tourney on Dec 4th because there isnt gonna be one for Nov, iunno if theres gonna be one later dec. Waba is also planning on holding sponsored tourneys by the dude who owns Atari/ChuckECheeses that are gonna have $2500 or $5000 total payout. U should def come to one of these
    Yeah Don I know lol, I just wanted you to see how he would break nado with D smash, tbh I stopped after the 1st stock lol.
    That dk was pretty AYUSSSSSSSSSS kadaj give him some better vids than that >.>
    ok Cool, and it's a Japanese DK player. He does some weird stuff in the matches, and he like regularly breaks nado with Dsmash xD
    If got moved to the Staffers Shack apparently, Scabe copy pasted it for me. It was pretty hilarious. xD
    I just did it right now, I know GA is aways to go, but Siege is coming up, you thinking about going to that?

    (I'm trying to get to more OoS tournaments, in state crap is small and lame imo)
    Its like a 3 hour drive for you, right? I'ma bout to register for Pound V tonight, because after tonight it goes to like 40$ for singles (30$ atm)
    Yo kadaj said u need housing. You can stay here if you'd like. I have floor space. Bring a sleeping bag. I live 15 mins from the venue. I can house till Sunday afternoon. I get off work at 7 tomm. Let me know asap.
    For DC most likely, I'll see what I can do for this weekend and let you know tomorrow
    it says "its just friendlies" it was taken at MLG. its me in the picture. Im sure you can find the normal picture in the MLG forums
    LOL man I thought you were doing work xD Still good stuff tho haha
    Also after messing around for about 10 mins ryu has the easiest links out of any char period xD
    Nice, good to see that DK still doing well. I should be at the next GA monthly coming up and I hope to see you there I forgot if you said wether or not you could come. If so I'll bring my ps3 again lol and actually bring it in the venue. The reason we had to leave so quickly was because of fathers day on sunday
    Halo's main site is Bungie.net and apparently there's a site for CoD called codspot.com
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