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  • Great stuff man! Those are a bunch of names you took down! Keep it up!

    When we see each other again, we will definitely play. No doubt about it! Be careful though, I had me some of that Nick Riddle training!
    Hey Chas, do you or anyone else that came with you have any vids of me from the Tally tourney? Super hoping that you do!! Lemme know if you do and if you can upload them lol.

    As far as BBC, still talking to Tampa. They aren't sure lol.
    Good stuff in NC. I was like "who the ____ is DRN" but I figured it out when I saw the character choices and a shoutout saying Chaz lol.

    But yea your right. The options you get from playing MK are just so much better. I've been considering switching too but I doubt I will.
    I dunno, I think around the same level but with different playstyles. I had more trouble against you than against him, but I lost to both of you anyway all things considered
    I think I coulda beat Snakee today in pools but I was playing kinda bad in pools with random f-smashes in the wrong direction and SD's lol. First game was close and second game I SD'd when we were both low percent last stock. No johns though he did his thing
    I'll try for one of those bigger tournies. Dec. 4th is bad for me though, its right in the middle of my exam week. Anytime after that should work for me though. Except Christmas...
    I'm thinking of having a mini sleepover/smashfest on Friday at my house to practice for CB. Would you come if you had a ride? Waba is about 10 minutes from my house.
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