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  • King Crimson is a prog rock band that Stephen King named his villain after.

    I know of Dark Tower, just never read it yet.
    It was a bunch of Chu stories that he posted himself but a mod deleted it. Deleted with good reason though... it had some "adult material"
    I suppose I could; I've been asked it somewhere between fifty and a hundred times, I'm sure.

    And, no, I don't use the C-Stick, as covering all four buttons with my thumb is difficult enough as it is.
    It's easier to show in person.

    Left thumb should rotate the stick for maximum effectiveness, but because of the other part of it, it's difficult to do, and I often find myself pressing two directions back and forth as a result.

    Right thumb should be pointing at about an 8-o'-clock angle, covering all four right-hand buttons. Shake with your forearm, and you press faster than other methods.

    Combine the two. If you can press a shield button while doing it, more power to you.
    Getting M2K would be fun. Ive never really talked to they guy so I can't personally vouch if he is really cool to be around, but Ted/Luke could probly say. Either way its a good exp. playing him which I have yet to do. I tried to pass that idea of getting help with a ticket to Chu believe it or not lol.

    There are a few guys that would be great to have go to Australia. As for me...

    I wish I could come to Robocop lol. Nice job keeping the community alive, the tiny, 10 player one in my area is falling apart since our best player is moving away. Kadaj moving means im most likely the best in Southern VA, but I only played when he called me to play lol. Oh well, im sure we'll be fine.
    Yep, pretty much. A faster reaction time, and just fighting as if your opponent isn't dying will do you good. If you see him live to over 160%, he's probably ready to die of an uthrow, so if you get a grab, pummel and uthrow. The kills will all come naturally, so don't worry about connecting fsmashes when it's time to kill!
    Done, critiques posted!

    Oh, and usually I don't do it, but since I have you in MSN, and I told you I wanted to watch your matches... It's not that i don't like helping others, it's that I have a problem with feeling 'forced to do anything'.
    Sup C!... I played Chu in a MM last weekend for 5$. It was close both games, but I won 2-0. You should be maining DK lol. Well maybe not... he came 5th and I came 25th in tourney XD. He's a cool guy.

    How's Melbourne?
    well you can, but i wont be there on any day apart from sunday. i wont even be going to the tournament :(
    If you did that I would feel like I need to lose lol.

    You should so do that though, it would be too good.

    a couple of people lately have had to add me a couple of times... the internet is trying to get me. alternatively, you could just tell me yours.
    soz for the slow reply...

    i am on msn. like right now. and have been for the past couple of hours. maybe its playing up again...

    and im going to a mini-tourney on sunday. hype hype hype!
    Ok instead of 4:45 ill be arriving at 7:30 pm. The 4:45 flight I wanted before made me go to an international gate and would complicate things.
    I have a big thing happening at Uni on the 20th, so im coming down the 21st (saturday). I can arrive on a cheap flight with jetstar at 4:45pm though if that's ok.
    Alright well my return flights booked then. Kinda doing this backwards but eh lol. Tell your dad I said thanks!
    Most likely friday. ive been checking ticket prices and waiting for them to drop.
    How close are you to the airport and would you be able to drop me off at the airport early monday morning after Stigma?
    No problem!

    And uhh... I think one should be the original Tao. The other can be like a silver color? x.x
    ive had it since like year 8, but ive only started using it when i got here. contact list a little updated, but at least i have smash debates with tibs lol. add me now then ;)
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