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  • Mom said no. :<

    She's waking up early to drop my sister off at UNC Asheville tomorrow.
    This weekend looks better though.
    Wednesday should be fine. Just got to get parental permission then I'm good to go.

    And I'm obviously going to MLG.
    better than me? I'm third on the prs now btw. only cause all the good people didn't want to be on them though...
    is snap staying with you for mlg if so i'll sleep in his car if theres not an of room for me in the house b/c i really want to go to mlg
    hey did you ask your wife about me staying with you for mlg b/c i need to know soon b/c i need to know if i have to buy a pass or not WTF BRO i need to know if you can house me for mlg soon
    hey my friend is leving so i wont have a labtop so if you want to play to night just call me but i should be on wifi all day
    I'll see what I can do. Gotta see if I have plans with my lady tonight first. Zeke is teamming with Seth (not me, the other seth) at battle axe. I'm teamming with cory. My older bro Lllllink is free though. He's not to good is singles because link sucks, but in teams he does well.
    alright bro, I gotta be headin off to bed. Work tomorrow morning. We'll play more later. Also I think you have a weakness to my kirby over wi-fi while on the phone lol.
    Also I'll play marth more next time, the tipper off the bike was so sweet lol. I know what you mean by camping online sux, lucario can be so tedious at times to play, sometimes I just swarm my opponent with him just for the heck of it even though I know I'm gonna get pawnt.
    yeah man, if you already know all this stuff sorry, I'm just callin it as I see i. I know its wi-fi so you'll play different offline. Like I played fox real bad, I got hit by like 15 f smashes and missed all my bairs. Foxs is so hard for me to play in wi-fi. Thats why I never use him. Also, mits plays snake, not me. So if you want help on that MU ask him.
    Also, you gotta keep that aerial camp game up the whole match. Don't wait till you fall behind to start camping, this defeats the purpose of the whole strategy. why should I approach you when I'm ahead in %? You will lose from the time out not me. Your trying to make your opponent rush to hit you because they fear you'll try to time them out, and the only way to achieve this is to be ahead the whole match.
    Hmm well the main two things I wanted to tell you were 1. don't just charge me with the bike like that. It may work online but I'm pretty sure its not not going to work offline, we call something like this a wi-fi habbit, and thats most of the time a bad thing. 2( do NOT stale your f-smash bro, that one of warios only killers, I was surviving alot longer than I should have because of this. Basically, anytime you could have punished me with a f-smash, you probably could have punished me with a dair as well.
    Ahh I see, it's np. I don't really take wi-fi matches seriously because our connection is so bad with everyone so don't sweat it. All that matters is in person for the money.
    GGs bro, I lol'd when you perfect shielded three mk d-smashes in a row. I have a few tips for ya if you'd like to hear them.
    sure i can play some pika hey did you ask you wife about me staying with you for mlg
    sure bro, we'll be able to talk over the internet sooner, my friend is coming over and bringing his computer
    hey my computer is going to be down for a while if you want to play me online or talk about housing for mlg, just call me 803-286-1936
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