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  • Next time, I'll be sure to record more. Perhaps I should money match you just so that you'll play me. That way, I can get some more Lucario or any other character that you play experience. :)
    Here are your replays. Tis a shame that more didn't get recorded. Oh well, I'm sure you can still use these to critique yourself. :)
    Got my infinite replays to finally work, so I'm definitely asking for friendlies from you. :D Gotta improve and the only way to do that is to play as many people as possible. Also, I would like to play in "sets." :) Otherwise I'll have to "money match" people so that other people can't butt in. Muwahwhahwh.
    Excellent, no need to rush then. I love to sit there and play lots of friendlies but I normally just kicked right off after losing. Kinda hard to get better if you only get to play someone only one match before getting kicked. I need to get some friendly sets going on. :)
    No problem, I'll try to find you and ask you for friendlies. Any idea when you have to leave on Saturday Night?
    Good luck this weekend at Duke's. I'll be looking forward to actually saying hello to you this time. :3
    Its all good im chillen in class atm but i get home at like 10 am and ill be on prob all day... btw like everyone updated there pr already... md/va ny/nj and even upstate ny i saw... i hope ours comes out today :D
    ya I cant wait for the new Pr's either... im on FB now if you wanna chat.
    Aight well I got class till 11:20ish so ima be on facebook from then till like 12:30... if your not on then I will be on after like 2pm
    yeah we've got them finalized. theyll be up by friday at the latest, but im not showing anyone yet haha. sorry =]
    no... i will def not be participating in any of that... only time i did was at the christmas smash party since it wasnt a tourney... but when my money is on the line i would never...
    Dwammmit I really wanted to team this weekend :( We woulda def beat shady and keith... I can't make it to karn's event tho cause it is my cousins birthday. Fox and MK are broken tho so we can def team at something else I guess... I really wanted to play you tho at duke considering its the last tourney before the new PR's anyway let me know whats good.
    Essentially my mom said I am only allowed to attend one tournament, smashfest, or social gathering a month. Since I went last week, that means nothing else for the month. Anyhoo, sorry Duo. Hopefully no hard feelings. o.o
    Change of plans, I'm not going to the smashfest or tourney at Duke's anymore. Parent johns. Sorry. :o
    tell his *** to come to steves turny tell him i'll come find him lol
    You goin to duke? would you like to team? shady and keith are teaming so we in there yo.
    Normally I keep switching between several characters in friendlies but I realize that if I do that, getting better with my main will become significantly harder. So I'm going to try to stay mainly Pika during the smashfest. It's really a shame that LDPK is always busy with school, because he's really good. Kinda hard to find out which tourny he is attending though, because it's pretty random. :)
    I'm glad to see that you stayed with Fox though. You don't see that many of them so the experience will be priceless. I plan on recording the match so that I can figure out my habits and seeing where I went wrong and what I did right, and stuff like that. Hope that's alright. :)
    At least you can still manage to attend a few in state tournaments, which is good.

    Man, it feels so weird playing brawl tournaments again. NC has gotten so much better as a whole (the guys who still played when I did). Case in point, everyone I knew that stayed migrated to the power rankings. (You, Shady, Keith, Stingers, etc) It's like starting from square 1 again. But hey, we'll see what happens in a few months. In the meantime, I'm just going to go to as many tournaments and smashfests as I can.

    I didn't feel like traveling 6.5 hours to Charlotte again though, so I made a smashfest in durham instead. 2.5 hours of driving is much easier on my psyche. :)
    Looking forward to it, it's going to be extremely awesome. 10 hours of playing brawl (I'm assuming anyway). I should be able to play everyone at least a few times. Trying to get as much experience as I can and all that.

    Anyhoo, since you stopped attending tournaments, I assume that you haven't went up to MD/VA for a while. Don't you miss it? So many great players up there and cool people. :)
    Ah my bad, I didn't mean to offend you. But that's true, it's much easier to read people that aren't sober. xD Anyhoo, nobody that I know is going to bring alcohol so we should be able to put up a challenge. Of course, I just started going to tournaments so I'm pretty terrible at the moment, but should hopefully improve myself in a few months time.

    You know, I should have said hello at the tournament. I played Mitsuragi in friendlies but I didn't say hi to you. That was terribly rude of me. If you come to the smashfest, I promise to say hi and perhaps we could even have a few friendlies.
    Oh and I saw your matches against Vice (Steve) and one of your tournament matches. Good to see that you and Mits still play this game competitively, I thought that you quit. Although I think G6 was your returning tourney yes? Must be fun being married and trying to find time to go to tournaments. :)
    It will be at Durham at the same place that the Duke tourney will be at. At the moment, the confirmed people coming are Keith, Shady, ZR, Stockfield, me, and a friend that wants to get into tournaments. No drinking or anything as far as I know. I guess you could always sneak a drink outside as long as you don't make it obvious or do it in the common room.

    Here is the thread for it.

    yeah I know its dumb =/idk how its supposed to help
    but there is steves tourney in charlotte on the 8th, dylans on the 15th. then a brawl duke biweekly in durham on the 29th
    It's aight dude. I haven't even been to an Nc tourney yet because I always fly down there so can't drive. Maybe I'll get in touch with Craig next time I'm down there if I want to go to a tourney.
    His fox is def similar skill to yours. He's def helping me learn my hard wario matchups too. I'm working on mK , marth and luigi. Playing offline has def helped my game so much. I cant even stand wifi anymore.
    Been practicing offline a **** ton with Pham. He's so amazing. He mains fox and luigi. He's an old melee player. Sooo good.
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