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  • If you are going to Tant's tourney, look for the black guy in the fancy hat. He plays DK sometimes
    Either house is fine. If you come here, you need to bring a Wii. My dad just went out to go meet a client for work, so I can't really get to you right now. I'll call him up and ask him if it's cool to have you come by.
    ahhh ok np then

    do it dude

    no one else around here likes it >..< its kinda gay but i find it fun
    Yo if you wanna play today text me brah i think were doing something come thru :D
    i could but then i cant lol. reason i saw this is becuz ur wii probably doesnt isnt hacked and if it is you probably dont have the same exact files that i have on my sd card like no tripping and stuff. so if i send u the replay youll get a video of all the characters sd'ing alot and stuff. it looks very stupid. sorry about that
    pretty good, started college...started round 3 of TDB....making a MYM set :p
    Marth doesn't have any moves on the ground stronger than 14 percent unless he tippers, and it's not worth trading when you can punish the ending lag. Also, I wasn't reading you a lot, you just didn't mix up. You relied on the UpB thing and ledge attacked ZERO times during the set. Ledge attack is GODLY with DK, which is why I gave you so much space. You can basically ledge camp and attack if I whiff anything near the edge with ledge attack, but you used UpB every single time on YI. Also, you didn't use enough ftilt. You also smashed a lot, which was really silly, because I was playing cautiously, and it let me rack up a lot of damage.
    I'm a fool. I forgot you liked Balanced Brawl while I was at the tourney. We played it after you left, I had it with me.
    i think i need to settle down and learn 1 character really well..

    I know yoshi, bowser, falcon, link and even some Pokemon trainer DECENTLY...but not Good...
    eh, i think its just has good interrupting prowess, i swear falcon cannot do his airborne shennanigans as long as he has that move :p

    Anywho, both your bowser, Samus and Ike especially have luck on their side tonite

    !) boozer kept getting early kills when i shouldnt have been dying like that <.<

    2) 2 ike Fsmashes that i was unhappily in perfect position for :p

    3) Vs link......:(

    Youre good dude, ill give ya that, we should play when we're not both tired :p
    nah, my sawnik is my anti DK for the most part (or at least hes never lost to a DK..)

    anywho, i need more DK MU experience, or lag fuks up my yoshi tilt combos...

    oh, and Mario's Dair is stupidly good...
    Yeah I was surprised that it didn't really lag much. Lol A2Z lives in Cali and he lagged more.

    You should update the first page of the General discusion. My post at the top of the last page has the details.

    You mash really fast man. I had to get used to that. I took advantage of that one game where I grab released for the assisted suicide lol. GG's.
    Want to have some wifi matches? We can do BBrawl or just regular Brawl as I am fine with either one.
    I could help you out in setting up BBrawl and homebrew on your Wii if you want. You should let me know your what version your Wii is and how new it is if you want homebrew.
    hey, hit up LLumys in the Olimar boards. he needs to get a few replays uploaded. thanks bud ^^
    It's fine.

    We need both our wii numbers and brawl friend codes.

    My friend code is on my profile and my wii number is: 7056 5938 3415 5840
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