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  • Hey Dante,

    Wheres this smash club going to take place? And is there gonna be a 64 console present? Im in Goleta right now and down to meet up with a couple other people who are smashers. Let me know if you can. thanks

    Dante, can you give me some good jazz to listen to?

    It's one of my favorite genres, but I'm not too good at finding quality stuff.
    I saw your post in the music thread and it was incredible, so I was hoping you could help out.

    I've already heard and love:

    Kind of Blue
    A Love Surpeme
    Giant Steps
    Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus
    Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
    Mingus Ah Um
    Time Out
    In A Silent Way

    Do you have any suggestions for artists or albums to listen to besides the ones I've already mentioned?

    My three favorites are probably Love Supreme, Black Saint, and Kind of Blue.

    Oh yeah, I saw this song you posted in there too and I was hooked immediately. I researched him a bit.. but couldn't really find anything. Do you have any like albums or collaborations by him that I could find / get into?
    Yo Dante. I created a SLO thread (kinda as a joke) cuz you guys ***** at eachother so much. We will still fully participate in the current SB/SLO thread. Just making sure you weren't like WTF?!?!
    hi, were you and mrslime able to convince your mom? He had some pretty good reasons for you :). If so, do you know when you plan to go/leave sb?
    I would prefer to do something on Saturday afternoon after admit day is over if that's possible. Yet I am guaranteed to be able to go. I'll try my best.
    that sounds nice. i'm a bit worried about its reputation as a party school though. i'm actually kind of scared that i'll get ***** (literally) even though i'm a guy >__>

    I'm going to visit the school on Friday and Saturday for its admit day. Maybe we can meet up? :p if you want to discuss about that then IM me i guess. i'm not very good at meeting people for the first time
    don't be so negative junk. there is a community, just a small one. ^_^

    besides, I'll be surprised if he can handle even my lone melee skillz. :)
    I never play brawl so I'll be part of the melee community :p
    What is Santa Barbara like? I've never lived in a place where the majority of people isn't Asian. If there aren't many Asian people, then it's going to be a whole new experience for me. :p
    Yeah I'm VERY likely going to be at UCSB this fall (unless something happens). I'm from Fremont. I don't really want to be known as sweetxignorance around crowds of people because I hate attention.
    aaaaaaaaaand I'll be looking forward to meeting you (at least i hope i get to meet you)
    So you live in Santa Barbara? I'm assuming you saw my post in the SoCal thread. I don't think I'll know anyone at UCSB T_T
    Haha. Ok cool. I'm looking forward to those...

    Guess what? In Brawl I'm a Falco/Ganon main now... LOL
    I just haven't played melee since our last tournament.
    Hey Dante,

    it's Nik V. from school last year...
    I finally found one of you guys on Smashboards...

    BTW, are you or David or anyone going to the August 16 Oxnard tournaments?
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