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  • Hola Jaime,

    Havok, yo, Hall, Tearbear, y Zekey vamos ir a Apex2013. Cuando sale tu vuelo y que necesitas?
    EL MEJOR! I knew they were your gloves, so I borrowed a bag from neubies, glad they got back to you!
    I'm sure we'll meet again
    we are friends on there. My general name is korobeniki. My name right now is:
    Walkin' Talkin' Steven Hawkin'
    trying to setup Ebuddy. Also, I know you hae steam and I stay on steam all day as well so that will probably be the best way to contact me.

    I also had a class yesterday night (my only night class) so I was unable to play.
    It seems we meet in grand finals on Battlecow's tournament. I am currently in Europe so my connection won't be good enough to play. I'll be there until the 18th or 19th if I am not mistaken and we can play after then.
    you should play your opponent for my tournament. It is Lain, also known as MasterHandCrazyHand on pj64k.
    I think you are misunderstanding something.

    I think it's because AIM says im "busy" while playing full screen game..which i leave running all the time.

    Then when you message me it minimizes the screen thus saying im active again...even though i was never at the computer.

    Either way we got those games done :p
    Yeah, I have an AIM - TheStarKing. I normally don't go much on it at all, but I'll try to be on it more often (but it'll probably be mostly on weekends).
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    sup man long time no talk/see
    hows it goin?
    Ah **** I realized i wasnt specific enough about aim. Guess I deserved to lose. Sorry for being a pain in the ***
    Remember, you need to get your match in with qerk soon if you want to avoid being disqualified.
    Although MATTS! isnt that good, not much players can 5 stock him, maybe you can? I've never beaten him but I only played him on EGX so he had a huge delay advantage.
    please play Valoem in low tier singles and CMoney in non-low tier
    PM him
    if you can't, tell me
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