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  • Hey, looking to meet more SSB64 players and play online P2P or preferably offline (sick of lag). I live in Sammamish, hit me up sometime if you want, looking to improve! Planning on going to Gameclucks this September.
    Yo I'm a Smasher living in Bellingham and I'd love to play some console with you. Or p2p on Kalliera, I'm really just looking for good people to play with. Toss me a message if you're interested.
    hi guys. don't know if anyone is still around, but i've been looking for some people to play melee. I live in capitol hill but I work in Bellevue. let me know! I'm also down to play 64, too.
    Hey I'll be in Seattle, next week. Mon-Fri, I was wondering if you wanted to play some console, maybe Kefit too?
    Yeah man definitely, it was pleasure. And we'll definitely get in mad games next time!
    Hello Jel, it was cool to meet you, ggs on Genesis 2 I had alot of fun playing everyone.

    Yeah we should play online more often.
    Yo, just tried AIMing you.

    Where's Genesis 2 going to be? I'd like to play you guys in real life, but I'm not into it so much anymore where I'll travel far for it.

    Don't blame me, blame the scene. :)
    yeah ggs. we definitely need to play again soon. maybe next time you'll come down to cali and we can show you around :)
    most people aren't on around 2:00 to 3:00 AM unless its the weekend
    What time can we play..Lol. i can pay from 10:00 to 12:00 EC any night and any time tonight between 10 and 2:00 AM
    Are you the Jel I met at the tournament yesterday? I just created a profile here on smashboards, and I believe Chizad has too.
    I face you for the DK bracket, I can play past 10:00 (East coast) basically any night.

    Tell me when your on AIM because ill be on AIM then as well, I cannot play until much later today if today.
    I would like to watch your stream or even play if possible. let me know when are you playing plz.
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