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Darth Rancorous
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  • I'm just checking my smash boards account just now for a long time. The tourny's probably over, but honestly I probably wouldn't have come.

    You play online? If so, we should P2P some time.
    Hey! :) And I know there are a few coming up bio4 and the last cgc... but I've been away from the brawl scene sometime so I'm not really sure what the exact dates of these are :p I would check on the Allisbrawl tournament listings, norcal tournaments are usually listed there for the date range you need to look into. :) Hope that helps!
    Yah they're replacing GAMME with a new tourney and new venue. Can you cancel your hotel reservations or did you already pay? If you can't its cool we'll come play with you one of friday/saturday/sunday but it would be easier if you got a room at the new hotel if you're stil comming.
    Yeah, that would've been fun... I stayed up all night playing against replicate and silent wolf. Hopefully I'll make it to tourneyplay 5 and we can play more then : )
    OK, I'll add you in a bit; you should get Wi-Fi if you wanna play some players here. They'll give you a good match. ^^
    Hmm, well, not much is going on there, I think, but if you want to get in, I'll add ya if you like. ^^ Also, do you have Wi-Fi?
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