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  • No need to fret, it's more the games' fault than our own. Do you have a PS3 by chance? That would probably be by far the easiest way to game instantly. If you do, my PSN is "Gigas_33".
    Man, I can never seem to catch you online. I'll check back at 7:30pm today if you want to do some Monster Hunter.
    My fingers have gotten far too slow, lost a lot of my speed / timing in Brawl. =/

    I should be able to play something this evening if you want to.
    2623 - 9165 - 5585
    MH Tri:
    Axe - HR82+ (Primary)
    Lumina - HR89+ (Secondary)

    We shall kill stuff.
    When / how often do you play? My work hours are kind of chaos, but usually when I'm not working, I'm playing a game (mostly evenings, no later than 10pm East).
    I use every weapon except Bowguns, lol (Lance being my best overall weapon). Despite being co-op, unfortunately this game does have it's share of elitists, and most of the time either they're really lame, or don't know what they're talking about. I'll tell you now, if you stick with the Bowgun and get really good with it and inflicting status ailments & such, you have great potential to be an absolute invaluable asset against the final monsters of this game. I won't go into detail because I don't want to spoil anything for you.

    What's the site? AllIsBrawl? I love playing teams btw, been doing that With Anyone. FFA With Anyone is full of people who are afk. It's like they all got tired of taunt partying, so they just sit there now lol.

    In a little bit, I'll post my new information for Brawl and MH: Tri so we can play sometime.
    Sure thing. I still have MH: Tri as well, if you ever want to play that. I can help you out with
    A N Y T H I N G, lol.

    Yeah, it was odd chance that you should send me a message just a couple days after I got Brawl. I was getting a little frustrated a long time ago, probably with lag, and gave it to a friend who wanted it. Been wanting to play it again, so here I am. I doubt I'll go competitive again though. Have a mindset for just having fun right now. Still maining Samus. XD

    It's unfortunate that I don't see very many familiar faces here that remain active. I guess I'll be spending some time in the "SmashBoards Arena" to find some more buddies, and to wipe the rust off my sword.
    Hey, how's it going? I actually just bought Brawl again the other day. It's taking me some time to re-adjust. =/ Gonna be doing some online brawls soon, hopefully.
    I do, too. It really has been 4 years. Just imagine how much we must have changed since then!
    Neither do I. I went to the most recent one as a favor to the TO, but it made me want to start playing again haha.

    So how've you been?
    Wow that is almost exactly what I've been doing...

    Like I even went to a brawl tournament yesterday and only played friendlies.

    Uncanny haha
    You don't still play Brawl, do you?

    Cuz I'm looking to get better, and quite frankly I've never played someone who could beat me quite as soundly as you used to back in our glory days
    Yeah man, I have been working on my teams and such once I really learned EV Training. I still prefer the favorites over what everyone else uses to be honest. I haven't been active much on here either, I've been more focused on my youtube channel :-P
    I let a friend borrow it a long time ago, and he really liked it so I told him to keep it. Last time I looked, the price of the game hasn't really gone down any, so it'll be a little while before I can afford it again. But I'll be sure to match ya. =D

    This time though, I want to completely change my fightingi style / characters. Not sure who or how, but I'd like to play characters based on performance rather than appearance like I used to.
    Whenever you get online on MH3, lemme know. My name's Axe, and I'm Hunter Rank 99. And if I get Brawl, I'll try to arrange a match with you. :)
    Hm... I was debating about buying Brawl again for some casual play and to do a couple tournaments for old time's sake, but I'm not sure. (There's barely any decent Wii games out atm.)

    Did you get Monster Hunter Tri, by the way? If you did, by now I have the equipment to make any of your quests seem relatively easy, haha.
    Hm... I don't believe lag is much of a problem for Monster Hunter since the game is strictly co-op. Usually the only thing lag does is cause hunters to teleport or... "speed dash" to where they're supposed to be which doesn't really affect the game in any way. At its worst, monsters might teleport once in a blue moon but that never happened too often from my past experiences in MH.

    From the videos I've seen, it looks like MH3 is no different. Infact, connection appears to be even better due to some of the changes they've made.

    Though... there was ONE instance where lag caused something strange to happen. Me and three buddies were hunting a Rathian, when the guy who delivered the final blow must've disconnected right at the same time. Rathian died on our screen and we went to carve it while the guy disconnected. While we were carving, the Rathian came back to life, then died again, and there was an infinite carve spot next to the corpse that was invisible (looked like you were carving the grass) but it always said "You couldn't carve anything". It was from there on known as the Zombie Rathian.
    Just to make sure, you do know that MH3 will be online? Free, with no friend codes. Also, similar to the downloadable quests on the PSP versions, there are "Event Quests", which are special quests that can only be found online, and are only available for a certain amount of time. You don't download them, though, you actually have to accept them on the spot like any other quest.

    For example, in the original Monster Hunter, once every other month, there was a quest called "GMR" where you had to slay 2 Diablos. This quest was available for a few days. What's special is that once you complete the quest, you get a rare "GMR Ticket", and upon taking them to the armory, you could forge a rare Greatsword called "GMR Chrome Razor" which is unavailable anywhere else.
    Woah, you planning on getting Monster Hunter 3? That'll be sweet. By the way, did you play one of the PSP Monster Hunters? How'd that go?
    Every time I go on it's empty. Toast is pretty dedicated though. lol It's nice to hear from you man.

    How'd you like Alexander in XIII?
    Got it in the first two hours it came out.

    Can't play online or do much because my college's internet sucks.
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