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  • Agh, sorry; I'll try and be online more. Just been itching to Brawl you, as well.
    Sorry I wasn't available; some things came up, and I was gone the whole week. Apologies. =)

    I can play tomorrow night if that's in your vein of free time; otherwise, I'll catch ya later whenever.
    I'll post my codes in a bit; when I do, I'll edit this message. I can play anytime really after 6 PM EST. Look forward to playing with ya again!

    Brawl: 1418-6358-5121

    MH Tri: DVJXHK
    It's a site called Super Smash Bros Domain; basically, it's a fan made site (mostly forums).

    And yeah, I love using Items, too; I was playing Random Teams online the other day and all of the mayhem with Items on was really fun. I'm not sure if people on SD will appreciate the use of items, but they do enjoy a good Teams match. There are more competitive than casuals there, but it's more good than ugly. In fact, I wouldn't have stayed on the site if it was the other way around.

    But yeah, I like using the Bowgun in Tri; just, I try and not to be too helpful with it because sometimes I accidentally heal boss mobs and whatnot. Still trying to get used to aiming well, but usually every time I throw a healing shell at people it also heals mobs. Of course, I do try to tell them to run away and get near me so they're clear of enemies, but then the boss then knows what I'm trying to do and I get damaged for like 3/4 of my health bar, and that's, of course, due to the weak Jaggi armor I still have on. I'm not the best at evading either, lol.
    Ah, cool; yep, I've been trying my hand at using the Sword and Shield and the Bowgun, because I really dislike using Switch Axes and Longswords/Greatswords; like everyone online uses them and they feel very commonplace to me. I just hate that some people even go so far as to not quest with you if you're not using a 2H weapon. I tried my hand at using a Lance, which to me is a slowish version of the Sword and Shield. I mean, I don't usually go solo, as I mostly go out with friends and stuff. Otherwise, I'd take a long time defeating monsters with my weak weapons. Not that I care, though; I like using the weapons I chose. =)

    As for Brawl, I did start 2 years ago attending some locals in Houston with some very well-known players. It was a good experience to me, but I'm pretty much done with all that now. However, I still enjoy a good Brawl, especially Teams. I remember when that was a very long fad on the NeW thread. We would all race to see who would join the Teams match first. Heh, good times. ^^

    But yeah, let's play when you're ready. Also, if you're looking to just play casually, I can link you to a site I've been a part of ever since 2009. I basically joined there when NeW was starting to enter its last stretches and even invited people such as Chaco, Karina, Chris and Lester to join, though I don't think they play the game anymore, so they don't visit. It's pretty active, so if you're interested, just say so. On that note, look forward to playing with ya!
    Hey! Didn't think I'd get to talk to ya again! I'm doing great; got MH: Tri the other day finally after procrastinating; although, I'm not very good at it, lol. But, I still have Brawl, so we should play when you're feeling more comfortable with the game again. =)
    Well not so good, but not so bad neither. Kind of bored of things really and hungry lol losing weight is a pain in the butt, Idk how my sis does it yo lol you still practice?
    Nice blade, but no so far I don't have the money to buy a sword. When I do, yeah I will most likely get a new one =) it is hard to find a job, and I hear the samething. If things are suppose to be getting better with jobs, how come there's none to get? Its really hard to find just a job. Good or bad job, both are still hard to come by now, hopefully things gets better with the economics. I can really use the money to help out my family.
    You should go to church, there's nothing better than receiving the Holy Spirit...trust me, I never felt so alive and filled with joy and happiness inside...the Lord can give you more than anyone that has ever breathed and will breath in the future...
    You should take some martial art classes, if you can...you wont be able to carry a sword all the time to every single place you go, so is always good to be prepared for anything...I would take some classes myself but I don't have the money right now...still looking for a job to help my family and get my self a step ahead XD
    Yeah, I been doing good. Just trying to get more with our awesome God is all. Bro, I will always be into sword stuff lol I hope you too XD I haven't been practicing lately, but I told myself to do it tomorrow morning and just work my fat off from there lol how about you? still into swords? hope your doing okay, bro...
    Graphics on it look great. I'm really excited or that Kid Icarus game.

    And repetitive gameplay is fine as long as I am playing with other people. It sounds pretty much the same as Phantasy Star Online.
    Money. :p

    It is fun. :3 What's really fun is having one player pilot an Arwing/Wolfen and someone else ride on the Arwing/Wolfen's wing and shoot at other players. 8D
    Friends are asking me to get Monster Hunter Tri. But I'm looking forward to Other M and Skyward Sword.
    It's more the lack of high-speed internet.

    I don't know, myself. I've wanted to look into an XBox 360 or something, but...

    Star Fox Assault is your best bet if you want third-person shooter action. Except Star Fox 64, it's the only one that'd fit the bill.
    Yes, but there's no wifi or high-speed internet out here.

    No, I don't have any non-Nintendo consoles XD; But Star Fox Assault is a third-person shooter and it's fun.
    Long time no see, Gigas.

    I do like Call of Duty, because I love first-person (and the oddball third-person) shooter games. Granted, I haven't played a lot of them, but... still. Yes, I like Call of Duty, even though I've never played multipler on MW:R or WaW, the console games I have e_e
    Yeah, he's been messaging in my fanclub. That was about two weeks ago though.

    Nothing much is going on for me except that I'm getting a Wii soon!
    Oh, just so you know, I'm afraid of Ganon now, lol. I've played a lot of people who make him scary enough now. I can't wait until you start playing again. =)
    Yeah, I'll see if I can get online sometime.

    And please do; Lester and I've been wondering if you've still had a knack for Brawl lately. =)
    Heheh, well, my brother has it, and he barely plays it, so I could play it whenever I want to. In fact, he encourages me to play it. =S

    Also, I still play Brawl, and I've been going to some offline tournaments. I'm still not good at this type of thing, though. Maybe we can play sometime if you get it, for old times sake? =)
    Well, Lester and Krissy still get on the chat. Karina is occasionally on AIM. Chaco used to frequent the chat, but some of them, including Heartz, post on the OTL Social thread.

    As for me, I still go to the chat, hoping for some people to be there. =S

    Oh yeah, and Toast is there almost every single day. =)
    Its partner+any attack while you have any red health, itll automatically cancel w/e your doing, and reset you in a neutral stance, allowing you to restart a combo, or perform a new one. If wifi works decent enough, I can show you how a bits done...though I havent played for like a month and a half XD
    Oh, wow... it seems as though it is possible in this game, but I wouldn't let it out of reach, anyway.

    I recently went to the website, and I like the impressive roster of monsters! It seems as though they all look rendered really well.
    You have Light attack, Medium attack, Hard attack, and partner, Specia; moves use numbers, like Hadoken is 236+any attack, numbers just indicate which direction, for an easy reference, just look at the Num pad on your keyboard, thats the directions the numbers take. Aerial Raves are **** in it though, so its easy to see how you can suceed with a good understanding of it, but it gets a lot more complex than that, like using partners in combos, Baroques, wall bounces, etc;. Once you get used to the terms and motions, its cakewalk
    Ah, so this game is really shaping out to be one of those gems for the Wii, huh?

    I hope it isn't too laggy...it seems games like these are too good to be true and then you find out that it's in fact true. >__<;
    I have it pre-ordered actually, gonna get it Tuesday after work =D

    Im a Tekkaman Blade/Soki main myself (shame the MM characterds are so hard to use...or in Zero's case, win >_>). If you go on AIM sometime soon, we can chat with that about it or w/e, Im still using the AngelWillDie AIM, so just hop on sometime. Im a bit of a noob at MH< but Im pumped for it, itll be good too be questing with a pro =D
    Possibly; my brother is getting it, so I'll see if it's good or not. Knowing how much it's been hyped, though, it's bound to be as good as they say it is. So yeah, I probably will get it anyway. =)

    That PSP Monster Hunters game was awesome! Too bad that it didn't have it's own online mode; it's a pain trying to get online via PS3. =(
    Man that was annoying.... for a private social group is some of the biggest lameness Ive ever seen >_<

    Nice, when does MH3 come out...I wont lie, never was to huge into it, but it had potential, a main game for the Wii has gotta be epic
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