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  • Isolation? And I see she said Hi, you should say Hi to Karina, the twins, Luke, Chris and Gigas to bro
    Id tell you to say Hi for me, but I doubt she wants to hear anything from me, probably thinks Im still doing my old M.O., cant blame her. But Im sure she'd be happy to see you, hit her up
    Yeah, I've heard of Blazblue. Is it worth a purchase?
    Oh, I just got 5th place in my 2nd tourny, Ike only, and working my *** off, but Im good.

    Your in high school still or college? and BB is to good
    Senior Picture? How'd that go? When I had mine taken, I had to wear a fake suit they gave me at the last second. Was really a hassle.
    So! I'm looking forward to the release of Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM. It has WiFi. Anything you lookin' forward to?
    Hey, that sounds pretty cool. I stayed in the house to watch my grandmother since she recently had back surgery. =l

    Also, sorry for the late responses, working full time.
    Dreaming's good, just as long as you don't bump into a pole while walking, lol.

    Hey, how was July 4th for ya?!
    Just to make sure I'm clarifying myself, when I said "be a man", I didn't mean for you to "grow up", lol. Just... I guess what I'm looking for is "be tough!". Just making sure you didn't take it the wrong way, hahah.

    Hm... you've seem to have some interesting choices there. I think playing the guitar would be pretty cool. And you could mix that in with singing and poetry! Then you'd be a one-dude army, lol. Kick some serious can.
    =/ I say be your own man! Find something you like? Then go for it. If people don't support you, all it is a hurdle for you to leap over. I know things are easier said than done, and there's a lot I don't know, but put simply we have things in life that can make it difficult, or discourage us. Take for example me, college, and my dream. My ultimate dream in life is to own a house of my own, with a wife and kids. I was born in a not-so-wealthy family where almost nobody went to college. I would really like to go, but my mother doesn't help me, and my grandmother who remotely knows anything about it can barely leave the house. And because of today's economy, raising money is near impossible, especially if my job's planning on laying me off in about 2 months. But the only thing I can do is to try to stand up and take it like a man. Find another job. Speak with schools for help, even though I don't like to. Talk with people even though I'm socially poor. Lay out my own path.
    Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future."

    New hobby, new hobby... Well, what kind of things would you be interested in?
    Among just online friends, personal, or generally all?

    Twin Snakes. Hm... I don't think I've played that one. My friend here, S.Snake551, is the real MGS fan, lol. I'm mainly just the "sit back & watch guy" when it comes to that game. He's got me playing a couple MGS games, though. They're pretty fun indeed. What in it made you realize what you did?

    Glad to hear you're otherwise doing well, though. My life seems to be boring as well. Though I might seem to have a spark. Of which is a girl, hahah. She's definitely pretty, but I still don't know. We've been chatting for a little bit now but I'm not exactly the smoothest talker, so I'm not sure how things're going, hahah. She's told me about some of her hobbies, which made me realize how boring my life is. I go to work, practice swordsmanship, play videogames, and that's it. I kind of wish I had something else to do... but I don't know what. Competitive swordsmanship? Sweet, but I can't find anything of the sort. Bowling? Meh... I can't take it seriously enough. Movie watching? ...No, something active. Hm....
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