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  • Kaze! Nice to hear from you again. By the way, I saw that "Bikini Zombie Slayers" on an episode of X-Play and thought "Hey, so that's what Kaze is playing". lol

    Doing good, keeping up my swordsmanship as always. How about yourself?
    Yeah,better then not having a job at least.I fine with my job,just need to be able to reach my boss & request more hours which I'm planning on since she shows up usually on the day that I work just when I'm about to be done with my shift.
    Lol yeah,that's pretty cool.
    Might be better then my job right now since I've been only working 1 day a week & we I do work it somewhat slow & 2 ushers(Me included) along with a supervisor.All I've been doing was standing pole,taking tickets telling customers were there show's at.X( Hopefully it will "step it up" soon.
    That's a water park in Orange County ,Palm Spring ,San Diego in California right?I just now looked it up.Looks like an awesome place to work at as well as the park itself look very cool..:bigthumbu
    That's ok maybe another time.
    Did you get a job yet?I'm still working at the movies.
    Hey,how has it been?I did made a room on Brawl for free for all & I saw your comment,but you didn't join.o_o
    *Sigh* if only I lived in the US, then we could form a band. I recently picked up electric guitar.
    About heartz's blog, I was just a little quick to retort. I am one of those people who flames far too easily. Part of it was that I was eager to debate about that topic, but never got too. it's all good now.
    Sorry for not replying earlier :O
    I've been extremely busy and will continue to :/
    School ;_; thanks for asking , though
    So, how have you been?
    Yea it has,just that I've been been a little busy.O-oYet when I do get on-line on Brawl now a days,there's either 1 to 3 people already playing or there's no one on. So I get stuck playing on "With anybody".:ohwell:

    Anyways,how has it been?:)
    yo KaZe, i'm starting 2 main sonic. how do u do dat move where u use ur left+b spinball but u do a long jump out of it.
    Actually....not all that great lately. It's more a bunch of smaller things piling up on top of each other than some rediculous situation or what not...

    I'll see if I can explain tommorrow....but it's going to be one hell of a long explanation....
    Well it looks like I reached you kind of late, so do you want to do some friendlies tomorrow?
    Well like I told our good friend kingdom I've been doing some offline Brawling, since there's a big Tournament coming up here and I need all the practice I can get. Also I don't have school tomorrow so I'm free all day if you want to do some online friendlies.
    Hey, long time no see. I'm doin ok. A bit tired but still doin ok.

    Haven't played Brawl very much lately though, don got the time. :(
    Hey Kaze o.o

    I've been good. I'm good at brawl now so I'm happy ^__^

    How are you ? You keep disappearing XD

    I see, I'm always here if you wanna talk man, what else are friends for, right? So, anything out of the norm been happening? I just got a gf, she's really nice and super hot and get this.... She plays smash! Yayuhhz! lol
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