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  • Sweet, offline brawling's always a gd change of pace. GL at ur tourney.

    I might be able to play online a bit tomorrow...but I'm not sure since I still have school. :(
    Hey. lol, it's ok. I hope u did better than I did at my tournies. <_<

    Anyways, I'm not sure if I can play much tomorrow but I might be able to on MLK. I'll let u in if anything happens. :)
    Lol, yeah I knew Falco shut her down and thought about switching but. I wanted to see if I could get used to you. Not much of a Falco user anymore so I probably would have lost anyway.

    Trying to work on my Pika. Recently got into Kirby, not only because Olimar's ghey, but because Sonic is best on the ground while Kirby is better in the air. And because Kirby is simply awesome.
    Yeah me too. I only played Justin's Snake and MK But Jar'd's seems better. Wanted to fight him.
    I would have gotten worked over, but It would have helped me understand the match up more.

    Use anyone else besides ZSS?
    3 to 1 Jar'd won.

    Moo could have tied the set up, since they were both on their last stock over 100% and such.
    He ran into one of snakes C4s
    True lol

    And yeah, I think so. It was on the tv that was recording from the start. I don't know if they stopped it. I'm sure it was recorded though.

    It was pretty much a low tier vs high tier match.

    Jar'd MetaKnight/Snake vs Moo Captain Falcon/Samus
    lol, I figured out the lag issue. XD

    My bro was playing Halo 3 on this Xbox360 and downloading game files onto his comp. Told him to stop so I think the connection should be fine.

    If u want, maybe we can still go for a round or two. But not much more than that cuz my parents just got home. <<
    Hey dude, srry for holding u up. I think there's something up with my internet cuz I've been getting a lot of laggy games lately and it's pissing me off. (Just played another match with someone who doesn't normally lag)

    So I think it's for the best if we have our friendlies after I check the problem and hopefully fix it. Srry for the trouble. :(
    lol, hi again. I just finished a tourney match with one of the worst lags I've ever had. >< (won though, that's the gd part. ^^)

    Anyways, I can go for a round or two rite now if u want. Not too much cuz I have a 3 tests to study for tomorrow and they're wat really determines my final semester grades lol. >< I'll be on waiting for a bit so if u wana play, just go on. ^^
    Alright I'll sign you up. I'll also be sending you an invite to the "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)" group, so make sure you join :)
    I`m on the weekends sometimes, and I`m on the afternoon, like 4-9 I can play XD ^^, kingdom is good with ganon XD ^^
    yep, I`m applying for jobs, getting ready to handle responsiblities and hve a race tomorrow o-o XD ^^ busy haha, anyways, I`m glad u improved XD ^^, Can`t wait to fight u again XD ^^
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