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  • Why not? Don't like talking to people much anymore? =p. Well do you use any kind of thing to talk at all to people ^^? Well, I basically only went over the good and not the bad ^^; lifes been both ways a lot.

    Try and figure out some way we can talk, I mean I like SWF and all, but I'd prefer if we could catch up more privately is all ^^;
    Royal, you're still alive :D. That makes me very happy, how have you been, its been years since I last got to hear from you. Whats life been up to for you? Do you still use any site or IM at all, Id enjoy being able to talk to you a bit again ^_^.

    Life has been a major roller coaster for me since we last met, though I recently discovered and accepted my Bi-sexuality (yes, I now bat for both teams :D) Right now Ive been kinda meh, just looking for a new job to get more money to buy a new desktop so I can begin working on my desire to become a VA. Anyway, thats the only preview you get, we need to talk more if we both wanna hear more (which I do =D). Take care Royal ^_^
    Hi, sorry, I don't often take this long to reply to people >.< but yeah what brought you back? Now I can keep nagging you about threads again :D
    Oh, wow. Not every day that you have one o' those. I hope it's not anything too precarious; just having butterflies in the stomach without weighing any horrible consequences is nice. XD
    How long has it been out of commission?

    I went to CONNECT then Snapshots then add album, then I went to upload pictures, and I can't upload them.

    Yes they were in .bin format
    Heyy, I noticed that you have some snapshots up. I was wondering if you could help me get mine up. I have them on my myspace, but for somereason I can't get them on here. I even saved them as .bin files. but that still isn't working.
    Hey royal some other posters have expressed interest in running the matchup thread and said they'd like to be active with it.

    I can give them thread ownership but only with your permission =D
    I wish youd say hello more often =x, but glad to see ur still here. Im really great, how about you =3.

    Btw, Im making an IRL Smash Tourney, so I think Im decently sucessful ^^
    Ah I see! =) Okay then I will change it. I'll give the Mario discussion one more day because it still seems quite healthy, and then we'll switch to Link!
    Really ^^ Okay we shall take turns! You do it this time as long as you feel the discussion on Mario has come to a completion.
    Hey royal just letting you know you still have full control over the matchup thread, so if you feel the discussion has ended you can always move onto the next character ^^
    Hey royal I changed the matchup thread to Mario ^^ everyone was getting pumped for the next discussion so I thought I'd get it going.

    We don't see you as much on the threads anymore though =(
    Thankyou! Okay what I'll do is I'll move my OP into your thread. However, all of what you've done is NOT going to waste as it's amazing stuff and really comical to read. So I'm going to copy and paste everything you did onto my laptop and save it for future use just in case the board want to go back to the old way.

    Beautiful profile picture by the way. I recognise the picture but my mind can't seem to pinpoint where >.<
    Hiya royal! I wanted to ask your permission for something! Do you know we have 2 matchup threads... I was wondering if I could move my OP into the OP of your's, and then lock my own thread, so we have just one, yet we still keep all the discussion in your thread in tact.

    What do think of this? And thanks for your time xD
    That sure is a bad`ss screenshot with Zelda holding the lightsabre. Do you think it would be good if Nintendo worked with Disney and chars like KP could be in SSB?
    Btw how has school been, u still nervous about ur "preference" I hope those jerks accepted you now ^^
    Royal, have u missed me, Ive missed u lots, and I hopr ur happy and doing good, I hope to hear from u soon :D
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