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  • It's going. My Uncle goes to Myrtle Beach or however you spell it at the end of next week. I told I'd watch his dog at night while he's away. I got a car finally! um..aside from that it's pretty much been the same as its been ^^;
    And how could could I forget about you man? : ) So what are you up to? You still smash at all? Life goin alright for a change? I'm doin pretty good, besides working alot... I'm still dating stephanie, it's almost a year and a half.
    Ah, yeah, Krissy and Toast are always on there. I miss the others who used to frequent there. >___<

    Alexander was epic! Everyone else just plain sucks! >=3
    You think so? Thanks ^_^

    I'll keep working to get even better :bigthumbu
    I always see you on the chat, but I never get to say hi or something. >___<

    I guess I should go more often.
    Zelda has Brawl + and - to have fun with :chuckle:

    Aaaaaanyways, bed's-a-callin. Nighty night :)
    lol Zelda's new spot is meh. She should be higher, but not by much, so it's not a huge deal imo...

    Yeah I noticed DM's been using more MK than Zelda. He has fun though, so you know, as long as he's enjoying himself. That goes for any MK player really...
    It goes quite well. I'm still reppin dat Zelda. However I...Brace yourself now...I...Picked up Meta Knight as my second main *MEGA GASP*. I had Sheik, but she's kinda boring to me. So I picked MK, not because of his brokenness (though it's a nice bonus), but because I actually like him and enjoy playing as him. It's weird...

    Still reppin dat Zelda though :bigthumbu
    Still working on the editing. I'll post it everywhere when it's done, so you'll know xD
    Make my wish come true, let darkness slip aside
    Hiding all our hope, mocking what we treasure
    Battles we can win, if we believe our souls
    Hang in for the light, till dawn
    Fate will not leave you, Hate will not heal you
    Pray and one day, peace shall flow everywhere
    I see, ive only played TPrincess :laugh: Good game ill tell ya that

    Im into metroid prime and metroid series nowadays
    but im still a HUGE fan of brawl xD
    I can tell xD
    I got major button delay @ the end of the zelda dittos match, she did two Uairs and i said one Uair and Up and B downwards :mad:
    You wouldve won that still tho :)
    You a fan of The legend of zelda too?
    I know, you were tryin to QAC?
    I learned that last week, still tryin to get@ it :laugh:
    Cool, r u lookin to try second pikachu?
    Me too, i forgot to mention i play ALOT more online nowadays, so im kinda adjusting xD
    You left b4 i could go sonic :(
    You hate mah olimar 2? :(
    Hm that's probably it. How come you don't come around more :o? You use Zelda right?
    Shadowfire & BMX are brawlin, i guess we can go a few singles if your up 4 it.
    Im goin online now, ill host
    Wanna go a few more rounds before i hit the bed?
    I asked Shadowfirex already, if he says yes we can have a Free3, if you dont(lag, i understand) Np...
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