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  • Mine was pretty good, had a surprise party and got a gorgeous new bass. (: Mine was my family/really close friends at my house sucking at Rock Band 2 and eating/drinking. xD But it was all fun.

    You have a PS3? Please get MW2 for it. <3 And yess, TvC looks amazing. I saw some kid playing it at Play N' Trade and I was just like "WANT" xD
    Oh I see you're from OH and you play Ness? Do you know smash64 (Edward)?

    Sorry to ask, I just like to get to know the Ness mains :)
    Hey! Haven't talked to you in the longest. I've been good, how 'bout you? And yes it is. :D
    That's great,but I'm not sure if I want to sign into that since yet since I'm really not on my pc as much anymore.And I had been forgetting passwords for place like this.I did got back on here just after finally remembering it.:dizzy:
    Nice,is the weather any better where you're at?It's really cold over here in Ohio.And nope,I only have an account on here.

    EDIT:Oh,& nice Signature
    Oooooh. I'm getting ready for high school. just missed school today. :p
    Do you have accounts other than this? Such as Gaia Online?
    Hey there :p
    I did get my Wifi fixed, but for some reason it won't connect anymore, or it cuts out during a match. So I may get a new one. But if I can get it working, I'd like some matches. :p

    And I don't have Xbox Live ;[ That was the next thing I was planning to get when I get a job.
    So we'll see :)
    not quite, doing a online business, just figuring out wat to sell nao, I`m doing good for first week of summer break xD ^^
    It was literally the first GBC game I had. Back when Koopa shells exploded and fireballs ricocheted off the screen. xP
    well, it`s better than nothing and being patient in looking for another one in ur current job. U might be able to step it up" if u suceed in finding a better one
    lol at u looking it up. Yesh it is a cool water park in cali xD ^^, I want to work there so I can get some munniez and some summer fun xD ^^
    Only things I'm looking for are old-school Mario games, Zelda, and Pokemon. xP

    And yeah, I've known about that WarioWare for the longest time. But it's Japan-only?
    They always have work-arounds to the updates, don't worry. ;)

    WarioWare and Animal Crossing are coming to the DSi Shop Channel, so yeah. xP And I'd easily say that's true. Wii has NES/SNES/N64, and DSi has GB/GBC/GBA.
    Oh my i wasn't too be rude but was only for you notice the why and for you don't worry ok i will be fine just that im feel so lonely and many are ocupate for talk with me... is just that feeling so please forgive me for my for to say it ok i don't want to sound just like a bully or something like that ok.

    Ah listen and listen well ok pkness i don't say for that just that maybe too be busy will be the best because many will go to another places so why i will be waiting for be honest no many cares of me in this place so why i will be waiting here for something that maybe don't come for a long while is just that i will not die aleast nope for a while maybe in some years i will who knows the turning of the life.

    Hey you. :p
    I've been good, how're you?

    We don't brawl anymore...this is a problem.
    Actually,my wifi doesn't work anymore. :(
    Once I fix it, you and I are havin' teh matchz, okay? :p
    Not to mention, its benefit isn't Brawl+ only. It has emulator support, and I think gets you free VC/WiiWare. (:

    The only reason I'd probably get it for is DSiWare. I absolutely hate that it doesn't have GBA support or card support (which makes my mod chip useless). -_-
    The look isn't very different, but it feels SO much different. Not even playing Melee gets you in the right mindset for it. A lot of people say that Brawl+ is Melee 2.0, but I beg to differ; it's an entirely different Smash game.

    How is it? I don't really plan on buying it.
    Ya. Championship mode is pretty cool. It made me realize that I like brawl more cause everyone spams in SF @_@

    I've barely played any games besides Brawl and SFIV for the past 2 months. I still didn't beat Halo Wars XD

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