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  • I'm good, and yes, you are correct, opening a can of falcon punch is quite devastating to my opponents. I honestly haven't played smash much sine school started off.
    Thanks for your understanding. =) Though, to be honest, a lack of interest in Smash also contributed to me not coming to SWF often. I don't plan on posting, but I'll be checking back more often now. Yep, full time student! I've only been here for a little over a week, so it's tough to give a solid statement on how difficult it is. It'll definitely be a lot of work though. I can't say if you can or couldn't handle it haha, that's for you to decide! A lot of it is effort too! Oh, the college I'm at is Cornell University.

    LOL, I still plan on playing plenty of games!! The lack of Wii WiFi not working was "good" because now I CAN'T play online Brawl haha. Though still I would rather have it than not, it's good for having friendly matches with friends. I have my XBox360 connected to the internet at least. There may be a way to connect my Wii, but it'll require getting a router, which I'm not sure is worth the monetary investment yet.

    So far I'm mixed on college life. Some parts are REALLY great and fun, but I REALLY miss my family and friends back home, and all the comforts that come along with them. At least I'm only a 4.5 hour drive away, which isn't too bad. I can also always (and do) call everyone back home.
    I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner dude, I apologize. Everything is fine for me, I've moved into college and started classes. I'm at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. It's really nice, but I do miss home and the family/friends who are there. The past few weeks have been so crazy, but I haven't forgotten you, my friend! I've also just recently re-kindled my Smash spirit! I hope I can regain the skill I used to have, after so long a break. My Wii's internet won't work here yet though, but that's for the best probably haha. Lame @ lack of internet access =/

    Sweet @ CD. I hope by now you've gotten to order it. It's very nice, honestly those songs were awesome.
    Same, and same (I dont care about Brawl at all).

    Im doing all right, though not crazy about this site much now >.>
    wear a real suit beforehand, makes me feel privilaged xD. Anyways starting up my club for small business, I think my life needs to turn around evetnually nao, espcially since I barely play anything naodays, and I guess finding more hobbies
    haha xD
    well i guess you can put it this way...

    this summer has been relaxing
    but nothing exciting has happened x_x
    so its boring too LOL
    I rofl'd at Knave Crusher.

    True. You have to have almost NO life to really do something like that. If I were a golddigger, it'd be no problem, but I'm not.
    hes fine,he rarely plays as well

    as for myself,i'm still a brawl head >_>
    though i haven't really improved that much

    summer is borinz;/
    being an adult sucks D:

    lol no need to be afraid:p
    you're smash gigas!

    with a name like that
    nothing should scare you :laugh:

    but really:p lol
    nice seeing you around man

    still play brawl ?
    nothing much,just been enjoying my summer and all xD
    brawling of course:p

    hows your vacation?
    Haha. I actually lmao'd on that one.

    You need to rob a bank wearing a knight suit with an oversized sword just so you could afford to do live tourneys.
    Lol, you should try it, it's pretty much 0-risk now. And no, she can't SWD. ;)

    That's good, I should get a job.. ;P

    School's starting in a month for me, yeah.

    I'm doing pretty great in tourneys, RL and online. I've entered 3 tourneys on AiB and gotten 1st in each one (didn't lose one set, they were double elimination.) I'm sure your Samus is still a diety. :bee:
    I've been great, haha. Summer's been well. Yourself?

    Ah, I see. As long as your Samus still whoops ***. :p

    Also, have you tried Brawl+ or anything of the like?
    I'd be happy to. Imagine this. It's the second round of an online tournament. You're facing some noob. They use Pit and shoot arrows the whole match. Usually you'd be able to dodge, but this time the connection sucks. There're seconds of button lag. Frame lag makes the game look like you have items on and got a timer-clock. Even with this, you're able to get it down so you're both at one stock. He's at 150%. You prepare your ownage beam. Lag spike. You miss. But luckily you positioned yourself to follow with a dtilt. That'll KO him. You run to him and trip. He Fsmashes you. Round over, you lost. Now you lost to a noob, because of Brawl's online. Nothing more. Imagine those kids you 2-3 stocked all the time offline, who you nearly beat 3v1. That's who you lost to.

    But at least you had a chance to play this time. Last tournament you kept waiting for your opponent to show up, took up precious time in your day just waiting by the computer. He said he'd be here sometime, never shows. The tournament organizer gets restless and flips a coin, you're out of the tournament.

    And at least that person you lost to wasn't a whiny 10-year-old brat. Floundering to communicate in some non-intelligible language.

    You decide to practice with someone else. Maybe give Wi-Fail another shot. It can't be all that bad. Some time has passed and you begin to forget the troubles past. But once again, you can't dodge a thing. You wonder why they installed the L and R buttons. Futhermore, this time your opponent seems to be able to avoid everything with ease. They have unlimited I-frames. You get hit by ROB's laser and top repeatedly. You go to take advantage of the recovery time that should be between his attacks, but he's still able to dodge somehow. You lose. Now your opponent thinks they're amazing. They love online play, feel it judges talent equal to offline. Is this really the community you want to deal with?

    I haven't even gotten to the stages yet. Remember trying to recover on PS1 and getting consistantly caught under the lip and losing a stock and possibly a game because of that? That's relevant offline too though haha.

    Well, that's all from me. If you do decide to get into competitive Brawl again, my advice is this: don't care about what other people think, just be yourself and play for yourself.
    *confused, looks at caller ID*

    *Unknown Caller, Star 69's the number*

    Who is this and how did you get this number?
    Haha, don't worry about grammer. LOL @ Trying to shoot the doctor.

    I haven't played much of it, so I can't give a verdict, but it's not bad. My room (where the Wii is) is really not set up for motion games though lol. There's a bed 4 feet from the TV. From what I can tell, the motion is much more precise. Not sure if it's worth the $25 each individual Wii Motion+ adapter costs. And the physics of the game are pretty sweet. Looks like it'd be fun for parties. What I'd have to do is play with the Wii Motion+ and then without it. Oh, before you can play the game, you have to sit through a mandatory several-step instructional video on how to connect the WM+. Which consists of sliding the Wiimote through a plastic sleeve and connecting the "Nunchuck port" to the WM+ (which has it's own Nunchuck port, which has a detachable cover which is neat). There's even a manual, why can't people just read that. UGH THAT'S SO NINTENDO. And to cover themselves legally from people who smash their TV's.
    Ah man, I hear ya. I HATE being sick, even more than a physical injury most of the time. That "fear" makes sense. Since I'm... well not too toned physically, I would have to rely on other methods to protect those precious to me should a problem arise (which thankfully a physical altercation rarely if ever happens with people I know). Haha, I have a friend who's playing Fallout 3. I watch him play it a lot. It looks like a very good game. Dark, gory, and gruesome at times, but that adds to the atmosphere. Though the head and skull don't have to fly off with EVERY headshot like they do lol. Incredibly detailed and huge environment, I agree. I just picked up the new Wii Sports today, playing it now. =)
    Well, I was in a crowd and he took it away as I was turned around. It was in my bag and I carelessly left it on the ground. Funny how you just messaged me about it because I get another tomorrow. Heh.
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