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  • Unknown7 Its been so long since we Brawl ur Link was to awesome and scary to fight... I will never forget u buddy I hope we meet again someday...
    I'm not dead yet but my internet is been off for a long time now v.v
    I rarely go on smashboards anymore dude haha I usually go on allisbrawl. But all in all, I just don't play brawl much anymore :)
    lol i know what you mean. I've been playing tons of project m, not as much brawl though
    Hey man. Between Link and Marth for now. God bless to you too. How is your spiritual walk going? I've been playing a bit of project M, it feels much better than the brawl mechanics.
    Well thanks man, God bless you as well. :D I've been doing great, God has blessed me abundantly and I have only Him to thanks. We should play sometime, who do you main again?
    hey dont know if you remember me, we used to brawl back when the game first came out....
    Yeah, not just for defensive purposes, but for self-discipline and fitness as well. One of my goals in life is to become a "master of my own body", and considering I come from a pretty laid-back family, I've got quite a few things to work on.

    You know, I keep hearing on the News Channel how our economie's supposed to be improving with new jobs coming in the next year or so, but jobs are still difficult to find. If things supposedly are improving, I don't see it right now, but I'm also a simple guy so I don't know.

    So, have you gotten any new blades, seen one that you want, or anything interesting lately? Since I'm into bokkens now, there's not much anything exciting, but personally I would love to get my hands on this:
    Haha, that's good, I'm glad to hear. Of course I'm still into swordsmanship as well, that's a life-long journey for me. Though unfortunately, remember that one massive sword I made that I mentioned, but never got a picture up of? It seems from trying to wield something that size was a bit much, and I injured my wrists a little, so I can't use two handed stuff anymore. But I can still use something small like a bokken at least, so I've been branching off into bokken sword play. I actually like that, since I can carry one in my car should the need for me to defend myself ever arise, and it's easier to incapacitate someone safely than with a live edged blade.

    Otherwise, I'm doing OK. Looking for another job again so I can go back to church (ashamed at myself, just the way I over think things), but I have faith that something will turn up here. If I can afford it in the future, thinking about going to a martial arts school. I think that'd be pretty cool.
    Hey man, I'm trying to get all my smashboard buddies back ever since I closed down my website, if you remember it lol. Since I made it not too long ago, there will only be a few ppl It'd be cool if you could spread it around to your friends on smashboards too! XD Here it is buddy http://xat.com/AeonsBrawl
    Haha...ha....funny choice of words >_<. Ill sum it up, I lied alot to them over some major things because at the time no one really liked me for me, so I was insecure. I eventually confessed and most (especially Chaco) still think Im mentally ****ed..
    Nah, go to the online tourney boards, they are all still there (mostly), Im just not wanted or liked anymore =/
    There aren't many people that are writing me messages, so..
    ..yeah, you were the first xD
    I certainly missed you, you were there at day 1, but you aint ever kicking my butt again =p.

    Thats good to hear =3
    hey can someone give me a link to the official pivot grab thread?
    i think i may have discovered a new AT (MAYBE)
    i need to make sure before i make a FooL of myself :laugh:

    nvm lol...:lol:
    it was just cstick Reverse Grab Boosting
    *sigh* i thought i was on to something :p
    Well I've learned something valuable while finishing it today. Japanese / Chinese / Korean calligraphy is a pain. Cool, but a pain.
    Sometime here I wanna send you a photo of a sword I've been working months on. Might be a couple weeks, though. It's massive. Imagine the Buster Sword... but a little bit fancier.
    Aye, it doeth be mine olde comrade. It's good to hear from you. I'm doing OK. Not great, but neither poor. How about yourself?
    Lol hey man, I guess I'm alright? lol I've takin a break from brawl and you know, getting ready for college in on more year XD
    Pretty good. I just got hired for a job working 40hours a week, losing over 25lbs in weight, and improving my swordsmanship. Though sadly I'm still not in college. =/

    I've recently learned a new manuever: Forward roll. Simply roll forward over the shoulder and come up with a forward lunge at the end. It covers atleast 6ft of distance. 0_o

    I'm next going to try an evasive backwards roll over the shoulder, pushing myself up with my arms and landing on my feet. I don't know if I have the upper body strength to do it yet, though, we'll soon see.

    Another technique: Meditation Breaker. Hold the sword underhanded in front of your face with your eyes closed. Then lightly toss it up, catch it overhanded, and cut behind you.
    Unknown! Hey buddy, what's up!? I barely come here anymore, I don't know why but I miss this site. :(
    Hey, good to hear from you again. I've crafted myself a greatsword... 6ft 10inches long. I swing it once, and I'm pooped.

    If you never hear from me again, I probably died trying to wield it.
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