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  • well, trying to look for a job, hang out with friends, and enjoying life moar, been playing games less than usual, also trying to find new hobbies ^^
    Well, all the Link mains have moved to AiB. If you want to get anywhere with his metagame, you should come there and forget SWF's Link board.
    Ah, sorry to hear about college. =/ Well, hopefully you'll get to find some time soon to relax.

    I'm thinking about adding some hand-to-hand combat to my swordsmanship, such as jabs and grapples. For example, something I did:
    -Jab with left fist
    -Quickly grab sword to horizontal slash in quick succession. [2handed]

    It'll be interesting.
    Well, I've been keeping up my swordtraining. Though I think I'm quitting the whole "wielding a bihander with one hand" deal. I only have wood ones, which do not replicate the weight of metal ones.

    I don't remember if I mentioned this already, but got myself a functional katana. It's white, and the blade's sharp so it sounds beautiful cutting the wind. Using that alone for an hour a day is really building up my arms...which weren't very small to begin with, lol. I've been training my upwards sweep lately, which is weak.... Trying to build up strength in that. But a cool chain I like to do now is:
    -Upwards sweep. (Right to left diaganol) [1handed]
    -Downwards sweep (Left to right diaganol) [2handed]
    -Downwards sweep (Right to left diaganol) [2handed]
    -Horizontal sweep (Left to right) [2handed]

    You can finish up with a verticle slash, but I personally have quite a bit of recovery time from that. The final horizontal sweep places the sword at your side in preparation for something else.

    Anything new with you?
    sry i shoulda said sumtin long ago i no longer have a wii or brawl *waaa* traded it for 360 elite and xbox live
    Not bad, Unknown. You're getting better, I think. Keep at it. Work on *spacing!* Become more familiar with the ranges of you and your opponents moves. Unless my eyes deceived me, you were Quick-Attack-Canceling weren't you?
    Just bought myself a 6ft long plank of wood. I'm crafting myself a sword with that thing ASAP. I'm not even that tall, so that'll be fun to wield.... WITH ONE HAND! XD

    I'm going to craft a small axe-blade on the bottom of the handle for close quarters use. Use--Balance blade over shoulder (Final Fantasy Auron-style), and smash with the axe blade.

    Now watch, you see a news headline of someone severely injuring themselves sent to the hospital.

    "Courtly Aggression"
    (Small-to-Medium sized swords only.)

    Perform a short hop forward (no Brawl pun intended), and land on your right foot, with your left leg wrapped around behind your right leg. So your right foot should be on your left, and vice-versa. Proper footing is a major key here since you can easily trip in this position. Keep a good bit of distance between your feet for one of 3 possible moves you have here. At this time, you should be slightly hunched forward with your sword pointing forward as well. (Place your left arm behind your back to be fancy.) Your left foot should probably be on its side.

    Option 1.) My favorite, from here you "Unwind". Spin around counter-clockwise and follow with a large diaganol slash from above. Your feet should never leave the ground.

    Option 2.) When at the hunched over position, place both hands on the sword and thrust it upwards powerfully. You might even jump. Or you can fake the upward cut, and "boomerang" the sword around for a low horizontal cut from the left.

    Option 3.) From the hunched over position, leap forward from your right foot to perform a fencing style based "lunge". A stab with quite the range. Or you can shift to your weight onto your left foot, lunge, and retreat with your right.

    This is still a work in progress, so use your imagination to add something. (By the way, my legs got real sore after doing this for a couple hours, so heads-up.)
    One of my favorite moves: "Flesh Breaker"

    Hold the sword above your head, and about 1-2ft to the right of your head. Blade pointing upward, and edge pointing forward. Only the tip of your thumb should be touching the guard, and the middle (2nd of 3rd) knuckle of your index finger. Then put as much power possible into a diagonal slash. It's more of a hacking move then cutting, and possibly a guard breaking move versus smaller swords.

    Cut. . ./
    . . . . /
    . . .l/

    Another: "Downward Force"

    This is a rather large swing, which you can injure your arm if you're not cautious. Hold the sword in front of you so it is elevated just a bit higher than your head, pointing upward and edge facing forward. Cut downwards with as much force possible, and keep that power so you can cut in front and behind you as well. As the sword becomes parallel with your legs, that is the halfway mark. Turn to your rear and continue that swing upward. One large, single motion swing. At the end of the motion your sword should be pointing away from you, and the edge facing upward.

    . . . . . . . /l\
    . . . l. . . . l
    . . . . \. . /
    . . . . . --
    how did i two stock you that first time? i'm really inconsistant lol...
    ...I don't know why I keep missing you, but I get home around 6 tomorrow and I'll be available for a few hours.
    Well man, wifi just isn't working for anyone today. Nobody,so we're gonna have to do it some other time. I wasn't trying to ignore you :)
    Roar unknown, lets try it one more time. My friend and I haven't played a game yet, let's try again. I'll host this time k?
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