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  • Can't unfortunately. I'm going to a wedding. Ima make it to Cali one day I'm sure, just everything's so hectic and gotta stay on top of my funds O_o
    I played yesterday both melee and brawl. Not gonna lie I'm partial to melee these days, but I don't get to play much of either. Haven't been to a tournament in a while.
    Im going to try to go to Genesis. We need all the Samus mains we can get going there to **** it up.
    hi i am kinda very sick o-o how are you?

    haven't played any smash since bio 2, and i'm not maining pokemon trainer in tournament anymore. i may go to that berekly tournament on saturday, or whatever is next.
    Good stuff on standing up to Yuna. Many people are just too lazy to but you presented your points well. I agree with you, Sky does have the experience to back what he is saying about Peach, whilst Yuna does not, despite these "logical" and "factual" observaions he has made. As you've implied, while his argument is very well presented, they are still nothing more than observations without the personal experience. His little "bomb to the face" comparison is just silly as well. Smash is not a life or death situation like his bomb comparison. As he often says, that point is "irrelevant". :laugh:

    Seriously, good job Hive. :)
    agh i would rather not spend 3 days in norcal, but i might go. j4pu drives me to wherever he goes to if i'm for it, so it really depends on him. i'm really on and off with my brawl mood, so i have very inconsistent tourney results.. haha.

    and i dont know if i'll ever make a combo vid :[
    don't tell anyone but mine will be called "Slow Your Roll" because it sounds hella pimp.
    Hive, if you ever make a combo video, please entitle it "Hivelocity" because I thought of it and its insanely awesome
    Hey im in redwood city thats not to far from mountain view, if you wanna smash, do you have aim?
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