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  • Saw you post to "To any For Glory Players who have fought someone named "Juuyoh"" and recognized you in the Samus gameplay video thread

    You seem like a genuinely nice guy... want to play some friendlies via wifi?
    Add me :)
    Iron Oxide eh? 10 hours a week?!!! Wow
    I'd be lucky if I get one hour a week
    Welp.... its time to change that with a bit of friendlies ;)
    Yeah. I used "Iron Oxide" because it's rust. Well, hopefully I can go over to my brother's this week.
    Sounds good just add me up on the Wii U
    I may have time to play this weekend if I"m not playing Zelda BOTW :)
    Hey, we recently launched a Discord server for MYM, as you might've seen in the thread – Discord being a chat service. The main purpose of it was to make it easier to get promising newcomers in on the discussion, as Skype isn't as easy to hop into. So on that note, I was wondering if you would like to join – would be great to have you! You can join by clicking here: http://discord.gg/cTDCmYN
    Thanks. I joined now, but I will be limited to its use because I'm using a computer at the library with a 2 hour limit. Still, I thought I should take advantage of this opportunity. Thanks again.
    Hey, I saw you had a Dark Samus set in MYM18, but you never finished it! You going to get around to that? Can't count it on the set list if it's not complete. Good luck
    Hey, sorry for not getting back to you so soon. Thank you. I was meaning to work on another Metroid character, but I felt that it would be too soon if I didn't finish working on Dark Samus. I was thinking about maybe a Chozo or Space Pirate.
    Deleted member
    Hey, don't worry about it, great to hear back from you. I hope that the feedback on Dark Samus was helpful. Would that be a particular Chozo or Space Pirate? Definitely would like to see another Metroid set from you.
    Thanks. The feedback has been helpful. I tried to add a little more information for most abilities, but that can be difficult for me since I tend to keep things to a minimum. I made a few changes for some attacks and even replaced a few to some other alternative. I had to agree with Munomario777 about Dark Samus' up tilt. As for a Chozo or Space Pirate, no kind in particular.
    I can understand that. Rarely find the time to play or go out much nowadays, so rarely do much more than watch streams or post on here.
    You are my senpai. I believe you are the last hope for the canonically strongest smash character thread!
    Hehe. Thanks. I like debating about these kinds of things. I tend to hang out at FactPile for this kind of stuff, too.
    Could you lock the "ganon can gimp samus" thread? It's extranneous and unnecessary, at best a thread to gloat that mistakes do happen.

    Thank you.
    Sorry to bother you with this again Dryn, but could you reopen the Archive thread again? (Link is in post below mine xD)
    Dryn could you update the Samus boards, "Exploring Planet Zebes" thread? It has plenty of outdated and old links and some threads which need to be added D:
    Dryn.. you didn't need to leave my thread just cause of that..

    If it makes you feel any better, Attp Link was never allowed in the first place.

    And, personally, Samus, with her current capabilities, could pretty much win the thread. She'd only lose to Ganon, but Ganon loses to the 3 Links, lol <_<

    Cough Ima Samus fanboy myself Cough
    OH, I see what you meant. Sorry about that. I thought you meant everyone can't post Youtube vids, not just yourself.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    Excuse me Dryn, I'm Yink. In the "If All Smash Characters Were True to Their Games" topic, is it true you can't post Youtube videos like you said?

    Even if it says what something can do in the game?
    My only gripe with the HP dealy is the add-on of too much realism.

    HP isn't made to be legitely real in any game.
    It's there to serve its purpose and add to gameplay.

    Gears of War and whatnot are more realistic games and thusly have more "realistic" health bars.

    But Earthbound isn't made to be a realistic game in comparison to Gears of War. It's its own game with its own quirks.

    What I don't want to see are OHKO headshot kills and lethal burns from plasma. That is simply adding too much realism in a thread that's focused on Nintendo games :/

    Realistic health bars are present in other games. But the games in this thread don't follow that "realistic" health bar in any manner. They have their own way of dealing with health. Be it as unrealistic as it is, it doesn't merit being trashed all together.
    Sonic hits super sonic speeds in his regular form. in his super Sonic form, during unleashed, he was moving alongs the Earth;s circumference in mere seconds while chasing down Eggman. Broken speed.
    plus time stopping and invinciiblity and the ability to reflect things back at the opponent by simply smacking into them?

    As for the obelisk, the issue I had measure the obelisk is primarily because of the Z axis. Similar to in brawl, the Z axis in OOT tends to skew things. So its very likely that the object may be larger, but due to how Link remains grounded as well as the N64's limited capabilities in terms of graphics, it would be difficult.
    I can understand obtaining thye suize but the weight? That is something else entirely @_@
    Fanboys are a pain to deal with, hell he ignored my entire response to him afterwards. I would LOVE to know where he got his measurements and how@_@
    I'd bet if we kept calling the volcano a game mechanic, he'd get angry. He and galekill call everything we say against Link a game mech :/
    Just so you know, I love you, I saw your post in the "if smash cahracters were true to their games" so winnage. ^_^
    Yo Drny boy, I'll play ya sometime. But I think I might have to re-add you, since I had to switch Wii's again. I'm using the newer one...I think. Message me back if you're k with that, or just add my FC next to my name.
    oh oops... I took a quick look down the page before I posted and I over looked the thread that said "footstool possibilities". Sorry.. my bad. <,<
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