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Last Activity:
Dec 25, 2014
Apr 26, 2009
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Baltimore, MD

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Smash Lord, from Baltimore, MD

NO-IDea was last seen:
Dec 25, 2014
    1. BleachigoZX
      Ugh, don't say I didn't warn you.

      Good Luck versus him.
    2. BleachigoZX
      So yeah, learn how to use real characters by Saturday because if we knock Otori out of pools, we'll be heroes in this country.

      and I really want that 1st seed.
    3. Stealth Raptor
      Stealth Raptor
      happy birthday noid :D
    4. Luigisama
      happy birthday.
    5. Omni
      Happy Birthday dude.
    6. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      Just absolutely no idea
    7. Zigsta
      Why do MMs not count for The Best Videos thread anymore?
    8. Luigisama
      how did you take a game off m2k? describe it to me please. Btw idk if you remember me, but we met at Ktar5, my tag was sama, and I brought a pink disney tv.
    9. falco03
      yo can i get a ride to ktar u never got back to me
    10. falco03
      yo can i come with u to k tar
    11. z00ted
      Oh, alright I guess. Whatever suits you.

      I had alot of fun laughing with you at Xyro at the hotel, you were a really nice guy.

      Thanks for that comment too, it means alot coming from you.
      If we ever meet again - I promise I'll help you with the Peach matchup!
    12. z00ted
      im sorry we never played after our MM :(

      also - why do you not have any friends?
    13. Pitzer
      You know that I use MK, and Wario in teams right? I only go Pit if you want me too. Pit and samus though is like iffy.
    14. falco03
      woulda asked you to team nvm
    15. Pitzer
      Im sorry to inform you but I cannot go to Xanadu, my job really needs me to work on Saturday, Im sorry man.. I hope I gave you enough time to find someone else. :(
    16. UltimateRazer
      Hey Noid, we should work out team strats or discuss what goes good with what between us :). We can also just play on Friday since LT is on Saturday.
    17. #HBC | Scary
      #HBC | Scary
      It's tough I won't lie. Sheik is definitely a glass cannon character. Too often the glass shatters though.
    18. #HBC | Scary
      #HBC | Scary
      Haha, don't worry about it man. Falco is obnoxious so it really isn't that bad man. Definitely wanna see some Sheik down the line lol.
    19. #HBC | Scary
      #HBC | Scary
      Hey Noid, heard your doing well at #5 so good work man. I know you main Samus but did you get any vids of you're Sheik recorded? I wanna see it!
    20. Takeover1806
      yo david can I please go with u and pinkfresh to inui's?
    21. KageMurphy
      I wanna go to Omni's with you yo
    22. Seagull Joe
      Seagull Joe
      :196: lol

      Same avi as your one in the chat. I found that cool.
    23. LuigiKing
      Smashfest. Lemme know if it happens yo.
    24. Isatis
      I have to re-do the Samus hitbubbles, because apparently I exceeded the "file size limit" overall, so I have to split it into two parts. Let me upload a Gecko-friendly codeset for advancing frames and I'll post it here when it's done.

      Oh yeah, Veril's really good with frame-specific stuff, you should also hit him up :p
    25. Isatis
    26. GimR
    27. KageMurphy
      aye son I texted u but this is incase it didn't go thro or your broke n ur phones off but yeah if u going to PA this weekend for Chibos shiz, count me in plz
    28. RaigothDagon
      Never mind that last message, I fixed the problem by getting an AIM account, so I added that to my Digsby. I'll get your AIM address added and hopefully we can talk then. Still RaigothDagon for username by the way.
    29. RaigothDagon
      I couldn't figure out a way to setup an AIM address on Digsby, so I added your hotmail address to my contact list. If you'd rather me not, send me a VM. Otherwise, go ahead and add mine to your contact list, [email protected]
    30. Karcist
      Out of curiosity, how do you think Samus does in doubles? I've been struggling with her because it just seems as if she gets constrained too much in tight spaces. The screw attack seems to solve a few problems with this, but still leaves her somewhat helpless.
    31. Karcist
      Sick Samus dude, it was good teaming with you and getting wrecked by you in the same day.
    32. Rhyme
      I am silly. But, the search function really didn't bring up anything. >.<

      The one in West Reading is close to my sister's college, so making a combined visit gives it some plausibility. I'll let you know, but don't get your hopes up. Either one is just about three hours away.
    33. Rhyme
      Can't find either of those by searching the Tournament Listings section.
    34. ~Pink Fresh~
      ~Pink Fresh~
      HE DID!?! lol

      I didn't see that anywhere o.o

      Annddd. I feel like we'll both be on the PR after awhile. Well, I may not be, [poor attendance] but you should!
    35. ~Pink Fresh~
      ~Pink Fresh~
      In Owings mills?

      I'm therr. Just give me a time.
    36. ~Pink Fresh~
      ~Pink Fresh~
      where is the smashfest?
    37. Gangsta_inc
      Hell Yes to both!

      I appreciate it.
    38. Seagull Joe
      Seagull Joe
      I'll go probably. I just gotta work till 9 and I need to go renew my driver's license.
    39. MidnightAsaph
      lol You should definitely get a custom title that says "hates friends". haha I'll respect that wish to not friend you, just so the lol lives on. Nice matches with your Samus and Sheik. Good ****.
    40. SuSa
      Anything we can do from a standing position, we can do while crouching.

      The only thing is it takes a few frames to crouch.

      Snake would have to be within your ftilt range. Also a move must do 7% to knock Snake off his Cypher. ;)
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