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    Your scores aren't gone. They just don't show up under the Scores Tab on the sidemenu. If you go the Scores on the top menu it has the complete list. Collegeboard just "refreshes" the side tab with each cycle (Oct.->Jun.)
    He does? Oh right, he's a mixed Fire / Fighting-type with a wide movepool. Never seen one before.

    Edit - Off that base Special Attack? Please. I have 132 / 110 / 140 defenses, and my ability Underconfidence gives me +1 in a random stat every turn. I'm also underweight (~150 pounds / ~60 kg).
    Yep. Got it at the event. It has Leaf Storm, Recover, Nasty Plot, and Wish. I just got it for the Giovanni event lol.
    Nope, I don't have a problem with you guys analyzing the pokedex entries and accepting which are plausible and which are not. His example, and taking other 'crazy' entries from the pokedex that aren't backed up in the gameplay, now THOSE are the ones that shouldn't be used.

    Then again, if the pokedex has some entries that are never backed up, letting some be accepted and others not to would end up being unfair... So, it's up to you guys whether you should follow some entries, or just ignore them all. I mean, the thread IS pretty much gameplay vs gameplay, and the pokedex is almost never supported by the gameplay (unless they say something along the lines of "uses his tail for everything" and the pokemon's moves are mainly based on tail moves)...

    In my opinion, you should keep the ones that are plausible and push aside the non-backed-up ones.
    Ganondorf gets to use the Triforce to defeat anyone. So I left. I don't see anyone else getting some maxed out item or ability.
    I dunno, but it seems plausible they did 2 different moves, but then just went lazy and added same mechanics. <_<
    Protect in a nutshell. =) Why it works as it works and looks as it looks.

    Or it might be that game makers were lazy and wanted 2 moves with same mechanics but with different graphics. >_>
    Isn't that what I've been saying? <_>

    It's told it's an evasion, but it's shown as a barrier. What we get is an evasional barrier, aka you both have a barrier and evade.

    Barrier that evades cannot be broken, but even a half barrier cannot be gone through if it's evasional. Without the other, it wouldn't make any sense. Half a barrier could be circumvented with moves that ignore barriers and defence and hit everyone, while evasion with moves that do not miss. But if things were to go through this half barrier + guarantee a hit, it would go though (such as hail that goes through protect, combined with blizzard that makes it 100% accurate = no barrier or evasion defence) Detect is evasion too, but has no barrier but seemingly prediction, thus smaller amount of pokes learn it (most notably fightning type pokemons). Both being priority moves, the pokemon moves first before your opponent (or predicts), thus near unpenethrable. Even slow pokes like shuckle can do protect with their inner energy, if rattata the rat, defying all odds can thunderbolt people and pidgey can fly trainer around cities like no one's business, not forgetting speed =/= evasion. But it takes quite the skill/stamina/luck to be able to do it twice in succession. Full barriers on pokemon are also shown as screens of light, like barrier, light screen and reflect. Protect is a different animation with different text.
    And that's why I'm doing it. =)

    If it wins debate, why not lol.

    But seriously, being a hypocrite is not a good way to debate on that particular thread. Heck I could let the dex be on background and focus on the battle mechanics, but when multiple people brings up fairly idiotic things like "protect looks like a barrier, cause BB won't break it it won't work on barriers" without as much as of research why it might not work or how could this be conclusive evidence when it clearly contradicts the other, so I just have to answer. <_<
    Notice he says that we prey on gameplay mechanic. The lava that Link froze in WW is a gameplay mechanic. Here's why. Try to freeze the water with Ice Arrows, and you will not make an iceberg. Try to freeze the lava in the first dungeon you play in, and behold, the entire lava does not freeze over. By the way, when Samus is in Norfair, the place is already hot, which, in reality, would be the reason why it would thaw faster. It is magma, as magma is simply lava that has not yet erupted, and the last time I checked, lava was 2,282 degrees, I believe. Magma is 2,400 degrees. Not precisely 2,400, but two-thousand four-hundred and something degrees.
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