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I go by the pseudonym "Crystanium", after a fictional, "extremely rare mineral" composed of chlorine that is "solidified and is combined with molten sodium ions and silver ions. The resulting compound is a translucent green crystal which is incredibly stable and has the ability to cut through any known compound." Well, at least according to CapCom of Metroid Database, who took part in writing at the Metroid Interactive Fan Fic.

I originally went by the pseudonym "Dryn", after a Chozo who was a key scientist in power suit technology, the very powered armor Samus wears. Back during the Super Smash Bros. Brawl era, I used this user name on both SmashBoards (previously known as Smash World Forums) and during my sets against other players, including Rohins, Xyro77, Legan. While certainly not the best, I became a moderator for some time on SmashBoards.

In late 2009, I relinquished this privilege, due to the belief that I wouldn't be around as often because of certain events outside of the online world. While I would have kept my original pseudonym, due to its history, someone else on Anther's Ladder has such tag, so while he or she might be lost in the ether, I figured I'd use a pseudonym that is most likely not taken. I have decided, however, to use "Dryn" for my tag when playing SSB.


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