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  • Alright, fair enough. Thanks anyways.

    Though, if you wanna post some of Samus' abilities and tricks, feel free to do so (we probably don't know them, no matter how simple they may be).
    Hey, I know you're an awesome Samus and I just wanted to point out this quote from the Samus boards:

    "Just letting you guys know the link mains are discussing samus next. We're on AiB now if you didn't hear.

    If you guys don't have accounts there, we'd be happy to discuss here. Any input would be greatly appreciated."

    Would be great if you could comment.
    LOL... the odds were astronomical... How the **** did this happen? LOL

    I haz texture hacks...

    When you play for fun... You knee people with Falcon... Despite the fact that you know nothing about items... You were in it for the LULZ... You are just an awesome smasher...

    Still gotta learn how to Knee as well as you...

    Which is therefore useful when Falcon = Harvey Birdman...

    Knee = Justice

    Never had such a simple concept existed to a lawyer before...
    You know Rey, hmm? What are the odds? I was just watching your combo video a day or two ago. Good stuff, man. I've been trying to learn Samus myself, but she's still pretty pathetic thus far.
    Hiya!!! Remember me? It's Rey!!!! I seriously can't believe I got you down to one stock and 25%....

    I have my achievement!!! LULZ
    Dude, I just had to message you. I watched your Samus combo vid like 14 times, ur samus is 2 ****ing good.
    (signs of relief ) thats good to know your a great samus man and i still gotta play u sometime lol
    Hey, sorry it took me so long to respond, but to answer your question, I had to miss the weekly because I got a new puppy... I'll be in this Monday though.

    Also you can't quit, at least not without them friendlies.
    I've been meaning to post it up at FanFiction.net, but I haven't been satisfied with having it up at the time being. I'm on my second chapter, and I don't know if I want to expand my first chapter.
    Yo! I'm writing my Metroid story right now. This is prior to the birth of Samus, so it's focused more on the Chozo. Oh yeah!
    WOW, this guy who lives in Houston,tx named FURBS said he met you at "nexus" and you asked him if he knew me. And that if i was mad at you.

    Yes i know him(hes the only yoshi main ive ever met).

    No im not mad at you.
    Sounds cool but i've already been invited to 4 leagues now and i'm already in a crew =/
    hey tudor, you should come to vgchartz.com and join our league. we have a very friendly smash community there and i am wanting some better players to join the league so we can have more competition. If you decide to come check it out just scroll down to the ssbb league forum and you can find all the rules and rankings there. P.S. i was the same guy who mailed you on AIB for some help with my samus.
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