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  • So that means I have to hack my Wii now or I can't ever hack it (after installing that update)?

    I think you showed me those before. There's probably a place you COULD post those, though. I just don't remember what it is right now >_>. Anyways, Merry Christmas!
    I'm alright I guess, but I have a problem that maybe you could help me with.

    My little brother got the New Super Mario Bros game for Christmas, but when we go to the disc channel, it demands I update my Wii before the game can be played. This is bad because I've heard that the recent update will make any unauthorized software unusable, and I've always wanted to hack my Wii at some point so I don't want to update it, which means I can't play the **** game. Is there a way for me to load the disc without downloading the update? I think someone in the forums here said something about a preloader or something...
    Oh, and I knew about the Brawling at Mat's house. I'll probably start going once I get my license. It'd be fun to face you again offline. I've gotten better.
    You shouldn't have put that in "combo videos", but that was pretty hilarious. Especially the giant falcon punch at the end. That was just epic. XD

    Oh, and check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWpxyo8oM6Y
    An entire level in super mario world that you can beat without moving. There's a bunch more on youtube, but this one's my favorite.
    Yeah, I can do a whole lot of different voices. I developed that skill doing Humorous Interpretation for Forensics.

    What'd you think? Kinda cool, or just plain corny? XD
    Yeah, traffic is reaaaally bad because that hallway is gone.

    Senior year seems like it should be fairly easy. I only have Chem III, English, and History to take seriously and the rest is easy. By the way, I scored a 7 on my Math Studies test and a 5 on my psych, so I'm already halfway to 24. =D

    I got a new controller, too. I ordered it from Japan and it's freaking niceeee.

    Also, I might be a voice actor for Smashtasm. ;)
    You oughtta start going to the Gameworld tournaments. Do you have an account on vegassmash.com? I do fairly well, so you probably would too. Plus I could team with you.
    Yeah, I got kicked out of the Debate Hall because I hadn't been posting there for a while. I'm too lazy to get back in. There's too many smart trolls in that place.

    I went to the gameworld tournament today and got majorly Sakurai'd. I got my controller stolen, lost to a spammy MK, and lost to a Snake because I Illusioned off of the edge with fox at 35%. Freaking lame.

    And no, I'm not ready for school yet T_T. What do I have to have done for my extended essay? I need to get started on it.
    LOL I guess IB is good fer somethin'. And yeah I actually did hear about that. Does it work for people playing with you online?
    That's pretty nice. Btw, do you like my avatar? It's a recolor of a pokemon sprite. It was originally green and red.
    Nope. He doesn't use smashboards. My internet can't connect to the Wii past 1:00 apparently. Freaking annoying. I'm going to my first tournament on monday. That's good because I'm actually starting to get a little sick of Wifi. You wouldn't happen to be going also would you? Do you go to vegassmash.com?
    Metaknight SUX! D:<

    Oh and btw, the online tournament community here is pretty good. Get involved if you feel like it. I'm a regular there. A lot of times they have Wii point prizes as well.
    Would you be interested in entering a doubles tourny with me? There's only a few slots left so hopefully there's time.
    Yup. That was nice. I've pulled a few of those off. They're always pretty amazing.

    That was funny when I tried to shine-spike your falcon and got YESZ!'d. I was being a tad overzealous =o.
    Paper 1: BRUTALIZED!

    Paper 2: I got gimped by the last question because I read it wrong, but still pretty good.

    Not so bad. I'm not as scared as I was about IB tests actually.

    Epic vid. XD

    That sucks about Wii cluB! D= I really wanted to try brawl+. I watched some vids of the newer versions and it looks pretty freaking sweet. It makes sonic look good, so O_O Can you play brawl+ on wifi with me still? =o
    That was just really annoying >_>. I saw it coming, my finger just stuttered. >_____> I wish you'd stuck around for a few 1v1's, though. Those two other guys weren't very good. They started going metaknight and they always seemed to want to kill me first. Finally, I went Lucario and just played defensive. I won easily, and then one of them picks wolf and just starts spamming, as if he were trying to make a point. Then he tried the same thing with fox, but I owned him in the absolute and he left, leaving me with the other one. And he sucked. He didn't win a single match. Where'd you go? :(
    yea i agree i was just messing with mk i do find him really fun to play lol

    lol u don't play lucario and i know lotms combos by heart because he is predictable lol but he is really good.

    yes i agree falcon is too awesome.
    epic video man!!! lolol
    donn't you mean how i got beat by him? well the funny thing was he ganoncided me twice and on the last ganoncide i just was the one left alive because i had the lowest %. so i sorta won loss lol
    yea that was a ton of fun
    welll play more next time but meanwhile i have a smashfest and a tourney to go to one day after the other =] cya later buddy have fun online.

    I promise to **** for ya^^
    Well I haven't had much time to play it actually =/ I don't like playing it with a bunch of people in the living room, which means I don't get a whole lot of a chance to.
    What's with the ellipse??? I feel as if you're mad or disappointed at me.

    But yeah, fun stuff. I think I'm in a slump atm. Metaknight is so low tier lol.

    Btw, like my Flyglade?
    Apparently I can't install the update. I'll probably be able to fix it, but I'm kind of mad right now so I don't really want to look into it. I'll do it later.
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