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  • Dylan i'm in love with your high post. Reading em is unintentionally influencing me to get high. <3 Thats how awesome you are!

    Also, I'm gonna call you pickles from now on.
    Because Dil, is short for dylan and "Dil" Makes me think of Dil pickles. <3
    So was that just a weird vid you were showing me or do ya have some meaning behind it Dylans. '3'

    Aaaand the deep meaning behind the video posted in the CO thread iiiiiiiis....

    We really that dead of brawl scene....?

    Don't get me wrong, I can totally understand wanting to play all these new awesome games coming out...

    But like for a smash social thread we hardly talk about the game. Eh, maybe its because im a scrub and ain't tired of it yet. Whatta you think man?
    Mac daddy Dee-illin.
    Thats your street name from now on. :D
    but despite how brilliant that is thats besides the point.

    So how much of that post was true about your father and what not? I can't tell whats real and whats not. .___.
    Mindgame should not be played with the mindless.
    Hello i need some advice, but first could u link me to some tourney results of yours? So you can prove that ur worth listening to.
    I have heard of Grateful Dead.

    Aren't they like an old Rock Band?

    I just looked them up on Sputnik, most of their albums are highly acclaimed.
    I'm probably going to download alot of their discography.

    Got any recommendations?
    yeah.. I definitely recognize that beat.

    That video was pretty entertaining lol, sorta liked it.

    Anyways Radiohead is probably one of the best bands ever, and I have to recommend them to you if you enjoy Modest Mouse or the Pixies.

    Um definitely get OK Computer, Kid A, and The Bends.

    All three albums are without a doubt classics.
    The Bends is probably the easiest to get into but has the least replay value.

    In order from best to worst. OK Computer, Kid A, The Bends.

    Kid A has that same Psychedelic mood that it seems as though you enjoy, similar to White Pony, but Kid A has more singing instead of screaming haha.

    Here's a review: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/1534/Radiohead-OK-Computer/

    Sputnik is a pretty good music site, if you're into music like I am.

    If you like or dislike Radiohead I can probably recommend alot more music... it's rare to see someone on this site with good taste.
    I've already heard of all of those bands except for MGMT and IAMX or whatever.

    The Gorrillaz are good, but I only liked Demon Days.
    Redhot Chilli Peppers was fantastic.
    Pixies and Modest Mouse are two of my favorite bands.

    Do you like Radiohead?
    Yeah..Diamond eyes had a few gems (lul) but overall most of the songs were just average.

    Most outstanding bands like Deftones usually have a good album then a classic album then die from that point on. White Pony in my opinion has the most amazing songs, and the worst. But the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

    I just got into the band like four days ago, haha.

    Any other artists you into?
    YOOO~! Ok ok random question, and I've been wanting to ask you this IRL, but im getting to impatient.

    QUICK WHAT SCHOOL DO YOU GO TO? I swear, I met this one dood that acts EXACTLY like you at my school before I went to being homeschooled. Same name and everything. =p
    Never played Mad World, but it didn't seem like something I wanted to play.

    Your right, we as a society kinda just take the rewards for granted and pay no mind to them at all. The Media won't change anytime soon, so were stuck in this world of pain and horrors atm, but if you focus on the good things in life and in the Media you will feel better about yourself.

    Sorry if it seems like I'm preaching here.
    User blogs don't work, but I did see it there. I then went to the news section and read it there.

    Now here's my take on the subject.

    I never liked scary/horror movies because I always imagine, how that would feel and how I would never want that to happen to me. I just can't stand watching that kind of brutality happen to another human being.

    But as for coaping, I just don't watch those kind of movies. Video games differ, it really depends on the video game. Like Gears of War2 had some parts where I just wanted to quit but most of the game was fun so I played on. It just goes to "whats your level of comfort?"

    It's just a part of life that people die, it's a risk just to walk out your home, but the reward is much higher than the risk. I promise you, your paranoia will go down in time. You might always feel the same but you'll be more comfortable about doing things.
    hey DLT, you mind if I do the Metaknight's MU discussion threads?
    I mean, you was taking care of them, but they're moving so slow right now, and I'm almost eveyday there...
    tl;dr, I was wondering if I could help.
    The thing "Just say nay to drugs" was just a joke. I don't really care what your state of mind is when you post.

    However, the blog was attracting pretty negative attention. That's why it was closed, not because of the OP itself.

    So, I dunno if you still have the ability to, but can you still upload videos? I've been really itching to actually look at how I play recently - so anything you can throw up would be amazing!
    Yes, they're slow and stupid looking. Maybe if you exploded after like 3 jabs or something.
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