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  • XD You don't know what glomping is? D : Well glomping is when you run over to someone and tackle them to the floor, very common on the internet.
    Ah, Thank you :) it was pretty good :)
    Lol @ worth my time :p
    I am kind of retiring my samus, it's still up there but I dunno about tourni going. Maybe if I get back into it I'll do some sweet *** samus Rep.
    Hmm I think you're fine with combos. Samus combos really depend on who you're fighting and how well know the matchup and SDI.

    Only thing I would recommend is using ftilt for punishing rolls, spotdodges and other behavior in place of fsmash. I saw a couple of times (one where you charged fsmash vs marth knowing he'd roll) but it whiffed. Ftilt has a much more reliable and larger hitbox and I think you'll find it rewarding.
    Offline is best, but to be honest back when I played I pretty much only played wifi and just went to tournaments. Online can give you matchup experience it just hinders your ability to punish based on reactions (since a lot of stuff you see on the screen already happened and they're doing something else)

    I say just try to find some people you have minimal lag with that give you a decent challenge. Just keep playing them and eventually your game will evolve. To see quicker improvement you will probably need to travel to OOS tournaments.
    I like the way you play Samus. I haven't really seen a vid where you have had your weaknesses exploited so it's really hard to say what you need to work on. Based on the videos I have seen though you look like a patient player, you use your projectiles well, and you look like you punish behavior rather than just have a "bunch of stuff you do"

    At your point I don't think there is anything specific I can say you need to improve. If you feel like you're at a plateau you need to play with new people, that way you get exposed to different styles and can adapt yours to work vs it. Also be sure to record (or use that hack that gives infinite replays) so you can study how you do in different matchups, stages, etc.
    Hmm. Rough, So why not get a temporary job, or at least try. Get apart timer that you can drop if the Air force recruits you.

    Well bud, I'm going to sleep, but it was nice talkin to you ravin. We'll talk again sometime, Heh if you want intelectual debate I'm up for that, And a friendly little chat too :)
    See you around the samus boards
    Can't really complain. I have a pretty good life as of now but things can change at a moments notice can't they.
    How's joining the air force going? Are you getting enough money to live off of? I know you quit your job for the air force so I was curious to see if you got drafted yet.
    Well, my ex's parents were fat pigs. No lie.
    Mom was 450 pounds and dad was over 500.
    Never disciplined their children or their animals, and used their children [and tried to use me] like slaves.
    I hope their house burns down.
    Aside from him working, we've spent every day together for almost two years.

    So I guess everyone is different.
    Yeah, just alright. Thankfully Cody is off tomorrow and the next day so we can actually do stuff.
    I hate being at home by myself.
    I used to get migraines from having headbands or bandanas on too tight, so probably.
    yeah, i order retardedly expensive ones though.
    like $300 lace wigs lol
    ah lol

    use some balm next time you have long hair and use the straightener =p
    it'll dry it out faster than anything or worse, actually burn it

    also, never ever straighten it when it's wet unless you have a wet/dry straightener
    hahaha wow

    you used some kind of balm or something to protect your hair, right?
    yeah :(

    Usually you're not supposed to wash really thick hair every day, it makes it more dry and unmanageable. but if it gets dirty you can't really not wash it. >>;

    I use a really hot straightener for my extensions and my natural hair when I have it long.
    It goes up to like 450 degrees. I know the ones with just "number 1-25/30" settings never worked with my hair :(

    i've had my hair every color you can imagine lol
    d'awwww your hair is gorgeous. sooo jealous

    i dont think i have a pic of my natural hair when it's long enough that you can actually tell what color it's supposed to be.

    tried a chemical straightener? they're bad for your hair but you can repair the damage pretty easily.

    my hair gets wavy when it gets past chin length. It hasn't been that long in about 8 years though. lol
    I can blend my real hair with weave if I grow it out. lol

    I can also put the top of my hair up and still have more than a full head of hair to mess with. It's ******** thick.

    i actually had enough to have them put it into braids for manageable extensions:
    Yeeeeah, people touch my wigs a lot more than they should.

    My hair's ridiculously thick, too. People think I'm mixed.
    Bah, be thankful for what you have.
    I'd kill for naturally red hair that looked good. Curls are a big plus.

    My hair is red, but it's really dark and mixed with a lot of gold and gray so it looks like a bad dye job.
    I attach them to wigs because I shave my head. lol

    I wanted those orange ones soooo bad, i only have a pair of neon green/black ones :(
    I know how to make them but I'm much too lazy.

    I ordered a pair of neon orange/neon red-orange/neon yellow dreads off of ebay but the ***** never sent them so I had to get my money back. -_-
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