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  • i'm not sure i have the talent for any impressive fox combos but i suppose i could try. Again, nice playing you
    next fox combo you make, you should incorporate the "saffron ledge grab>fsmash on moving platform" (possible finisher). if anyone can do it, you can!
    Hey man, if you wanna get some people together to play smash in the city hit me up sometime. I'm free monday through wednesday but could probly get a game going on friday if we wanna be big losers ;P
    To prove your epic Debate skillz, I ask that you take the side "England is superior to America" in a debate.

    oh, a math major? excellent, math is wonderful.
    interesting. thanks for the answer.
    you're an econ major right? I think i remember you saying in the social thread you are.
    if so and you don't mind me asking, what are you thinking about doing after school?
    hey ballin,i'm making a combo video that have 1 combo of yours.. where're you from? i will but flags and names in the corner of each combo..
    I've been off for Smashboards for a while [I just got back on now], but I noticed your reply to my post in the Debate Hall. I meant to say "1 Billion", the "Million" was a typo on my part.

    The thread is pretty much dead though, so I didn't want to bother bumping it unnecessarily.
    ps: i basically said in the post that i'm following you since you start to post videos,and i was right to keep the eye close haha
    sup mang i heard ur in UK?
    want to play some 64 console? am in Reading like 20 mins from Oxford
    (Isai told me to contact ^^)
    You should just apply to the DH. We've already agreed you're ready; you just have to apply. ;)
    We're kinda derailing the thread so I'll VM you.
    I get all the algebra ones right. It's essentially anything else? Usually I skip anything I can't remove an incorrect answer right away, and sometimes that tends to be the hard geometry problems. But yeah what's done is done. I took SAT Math II yesterday. *Gulp*
    you are legit, fox vs falcon/fox are my best matchups : P
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