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  • so am I playing or not. I am pretty free for the next several weeks outside of well Monday night and Sat morning.
    Oh nice, that was actually one of my first tourneys since I have family in the Orlando area. I remember facing a damn good yoshi for 64 friendlies, I'm just gonna assume that was you.
    How does it feel to know that I'm mentally superior?

    Lol i just be ***** around man, sound like you be gettin serious, chill the f out bro
    Random fact:

    I was playing Mortal Kombat and one of the challenges in the tower are called "sheermadness" Also, while playing online the one night on xbox live I played against a kid with the Gamertag SheerMadness.
    hey sheer,i'm making a combo video that have 1 combo of yours.. where're you from? i will but flags and names in the corner of each combo..
    got that tested for ya
    Basically when you press R with yoshi, on the very next frame he is invulnerable.
    This invulnerability lasts for 7 frames before the egg is shown
    The powershield window comes out on frame 3
    So you have 2 frames of pure invulnerability, then your -shield- comes out, but is not shown for another 4 frames

    Now for the good stuff;
    Once you press the shield button, you have a 5 frame window to jump out of your shielding animation

    There is no shieldhitstun, your opponent is hitting an invincible opponent, he will be stuck in hitlag, you're movement is unhindered, but long story short, you have a 5 frame window to first get hit by the attack, then jump after it. Because as soon as you jump you are vulnerable.

    You need to negate their attack with your invincibility (have it hit you while you are invincible), then you are free to counter with anything you can do out of a jump

    that make sense?
    yeah, the hotel room is non-refundable. if i can get my money back from GAMME ill try to sign-up for that new tourney. can you post the thread in the smash 64 competitive sub-forum so we can read up on it?
    Regarding ssb64 mm sure :D I use kirbs. We'd just have to find some tourney to play at.....
    I play Melee and Brawl competitively, and play 64 on console in Lake Mary.
    Trying to get online soon.
    UCF has a way better scene for Smash- I'm jelous lol.
    Are you going to FL Gaming?
    Do you still play Kirby? I wanted to play you at March Gigs but that was before I found out how boring Kirby dittos are... but if you're going to FL Gaming I hope to see you/play you there
    Yo, I got my 64 to usb converter so hit me up sometime soon. I still gotta install project64 or w/e tho.
    yo son let me team with colin cuz afro willl prolly ditch me for seibrik. besides we officially partners anway. only reason I wasnt teamign colin cuz I didnt know he was comin. samus abe needs a partner. I also told afro if colin goes ill team with him. let me know whats going down
    im staying at sheraton vistana resort, near all that disney stuff in exit 68 of the interstate 4 xD
    im calling you when I have time, hope you live near, because im lost in this huge city x_x
    do you have an extra controler xD?
    hope i can meet ya, bye.
    heey, im going to orlando, i've played smash against you once (i was a good pikachu) (ssb64 online), would you like to smash? im going to be there from tuesday 22nd, till the end of the week,
    i would like to play some good people there in the US.
    c ya
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