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  • Hey, JoeJoe! <3


    That's the web site I mentioned, but some of the videos (including my favorite video of all time, an Azen v. Anden Falcon ditto, sob!) are no longer hosted. Still, I think that it is a fantastic resource for looking back at the old tournament mindset.

    Let me know if you happen to glean anything interesting from these!

    Hope to see you soon, again!

    Rickety <3
    JoeJoe! <3 <3

    Aw, thank you! <3

    It was so nice getting to talk and play with you! Your Sheik is much too quick and speedy for me!

    I hope to see you soon! <3
    what's not to understand? lol. I'm just bored of tournies and smash in general. Kinda moved onto other things. As for you making top 15, we'll see. Plus, you'd probably beat me. I'm bad now/haven't played in months. Good luck at future tournies though :)
    hahah oh man Ken's biweeklies. those were the days. Sorry dude but there's no way I'll start playing again. :X
    Hey dude, I haven't forgotten about your PM.

    Its just school and stuff so I haven't been able to just sit there and view your vid. I'm going to give a look at it and PM you back really soon though.
    sure, if possible. im thinking of having ppl over fri night. also rides for tournies ;) although i may have one for sunday already so idk lol
    cool! i live in la canada also!! unfortunately, i'm only available today (because genesis will take up most of my week). are you available today?
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