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  • Friend request sent.

    And do you know if Uncle Kenny has AIM/MSN/Skype or something? jw
    Tell me about it.


    "Haha, I would, but sorry. I gave my solemn, blood oath to Uncle Kenny that he would be my only SWF friend. His banning can not tear us apart!"

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    I miss the good ol' days when it was you, me and Uncle Kenny running the PRoom. :c
    hey vincent, ur welcome to either come tonight or sunday afternoon. at this point i think only martin and chris are coming tonight, and jesson/emily/budda lova/ maybe boris will come sunday afternoon. the caltech ppl, dan/jon/lillian, will probably be here tonight too, mayb sunday, not sure. its up to u if u wanna come either day, im cool with it, just keep in mind that i only have 2 setups though (so i guess tonite wud be better playing wise lol..) please let me know in advance! like text me or something
    sure man, i normally play on friday nights or maybe saturday afternoon/evening. are u back in socal now?
    lolwut. vincent cant u reschedule ur dentist thing? its winter game fest, only once a year! and its a FREE tournament!
    Uncle Kenny? I remember him! He's an '06er like us and I remember his posts around SWF back in the day, didn't he request to be permanently banned tho? :c

    IMO, they need to change some of the actors in the movie around. Also, holograms make anything awesome, haha.

    And that's cause Capcom is dumb, look at this:


    Btw, you have AIM/MSN/Skype?
    It's because you're famous, and you're not afraid of anything. :p

    And right now I'm playing MW3 on my 360, I hope that Capcom eventually decided to localize AAI2 in NA. In case you didn't know, a group of fans are currently doing an unofficial english translation for the game. You'll need...something for your DS or on your computer to play it when it's done.

    Here's the link in case you're interested:

    http://z11.invisionfree.com/court_records/index.php?showforum=26 (You have to create an account to view forum.)

    And yeah, Minato already posted that in the Phoenix Wright thread in the LH, we're all excited for the movie! I'm going to see it regardless and I hope it's dubbed to English one day or has English subtitles! ^^
    "Your worst nightmare."

    Nah, I'm the Master of Disaster, the Judge, Jury, and Execution, the Heavyweight Champion of the World: Muhammad Ali Johnknight1.

    I've seen ya' round these parks for years, lulz.

    *mentions pre-Brawl days for the old person lulz*
    One time, back in 2006 probably, you gave me positive rep because I had won one of those coin games they have in taco bell where you have to drop the coin on the platforms in the water

    Funny how stuff like that sticks with you
    I'm done pretty good man, playing Gears of War 3 on my 360 and 999 on my DS. By the way, I was ecstatic when you replied to my VM, you're a legend. ^^

    I'll never let your Phoenix Wright thread in the LH die. <3
    oh ok. i was just wondering cause i normally host stuff on the weekends, esp when theres no tourney. you're welcome to check out/post on the 626 thread if you're willing to drive out to pasadena occasionally and play with us haha, as i know the drive is kinda far.
    We used to talk about the Phoenix Wright series all the time back in the day! :awesome:

    Bad news, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 isn't being localized/released on the DS in NA. :urg:

    By the way, when do you need that check by?
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