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  • I have to tell you that I really love your user name lol. It just seems special to me.

    May I ask who's that in your avi? D:

    My Bad for not checking this account >.>
    Thanks a lot for teaming with me I had a lot of fun :D.
    I hope you didnt get sick because of me XD. I dont know when i going back to other tournament in socal, but normally i just go to tournaments and pick a parthner last minute and usually is diferent than the last tournament, i did this at genesis XD. This doesnt mean i wont like to team with you in the future.

    sadly I don't think I'll be going to the tourney in irvine =[ this semester is SUUUUPER busy so I haven't been able to go to tourneys very often, saaaad
    Haha, yeah that means I beat everyone in my pool. Reneblade, Doll, Sunshine, and Tubes.

    I got f***ed in round 2 by Noobking's brother (sick falco), and IHaveSpaceBalls. VBM laser camped me last match cuz he wanted to win of course. That was the smart thing to do. I Bair spammed Moophobia's Doc, which I felt bad about. Doc can't really get through Ganon's Bair no matter what.
    Actually, we chilled with MacD a bit, but didn't get to play him. S2J was playing M2k most of the time so I didn't want to interrupt. Also, that man got so trashed last night, lol. MacD kicked him out of the hotel room cuz he was being really drunk and noisy. I felt bad, but it was still REALLY funny.

    Oh, and I got first seed in round 1 of pools.
    Yeah, sure. Yes, you are welcomed. Hold on let me AIM a moderator real quick on how to pass ownership of threads to other people. :)

    Yeah, I'll ask Dante to see if we have any updates on whether we are going to the Irvine tournament or not.
    I remember I had some mental notes in my head that I abused during our crew match...

    but a) I'm kinda intoxicated atm, and b) I don't really remember what they were, so c) when wobbles puts that up I may remember and tell you if i do
    Yo heard you did quite well at a recent smashfest/tourney!

    Really hope you can make it to my tourney-- oh and if you can please bring TVs!!! or if you know anyone who can bring one please I really need them :)
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