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  • Sorry buddy, Skype is being ******** right now. We'll talk later if needed though I think I have enough info to make a solid character for you.

    no problem, i dont have work today so ill be on all day
    brutalizer for laning, sometimes with a hog if you can fit it, then typically phage or sheen -> frozen heart -> triforce -> ghostblade and omen with wit's/hexdrinker if you need mres.
    I'm signed on at Skype now. I might be taking a nap later though in case I'm not responding. Just give me the password then and we cool.

    Hey, can I look over your shoulder for your Upick? Very interested in the roster as well as what you're doing for the set up. Would /in, but don't have time.
    No, I've thought about that, like maybe taking LeBlanc and stacking mana regen to spam QR. I mostly wrote off all APs as bad but a couple Lux players have made me think otherwise, I don't know if they can win but they can stall forever just clearing waves.

    I thought I had the whole meta figured out for a day or two but there are a couple things that make it really tricky.. it is very worth giving your idea a shot.

    Also fb actually does help more than you'd think, but you'd have to kill them extremely fast.. idk i think pushign would almost be better than killing but its hard

    oh also i forgot, you should build wardens mail instead of sunfire when we did nunu vs cait. wardens mail is like a must vs all ranged imo
    You ever do my account for Arcade Sona? I logged on and don't have her
    flavour was just Are You Afraid Of The Dark episodes (just youtube the names of the tales)
    Yeah the falling blocks one was a pain in the ***. It's been a couple months since I last tried the thing, but you usually have time to see them fall & jump around them (up and over) if you can be quick on the controls.

    The little Bute and Messas were the easy things to deal with as long as you used either the charged laser or pointed Curly at em.
    Barely. If that giant ... thing ... doesn't get me first [the giant rectangular thing in the ceiling with the eye]. The stuff before that isn't too bad once you go through it enough times & with
    I know that stuck feel.
    I get to the
    first form
    of Ballos before I get wiped out. Every time. :|

    Remember that one time when you hit me with two item capsules in a game at AXIS? :'(
    Hey my best buddy in the whole world.

    Oh you have a NA account?

    Well if you're not using it.....

    Thanks JTB. Thanks for playing League with me when you still played. Although I wasn't very good, you never seemed to mind playing.

    We also need to do a skype call of Amnesia of our own. That'd be swag.
    I heard about that, but my game borders on unplayable all the time, and sometimes actually is unplayable. My graphics card is listed on the higher end of "low" which should be better than "poor" or "unsupported" but still it plays like crap >_<
    asdioh#1375 i think
    my laptop sucks, i mostly just play with one friend or by myself :\
    i hate being scum. Period. Not because i can't play scum well. I'm sure i could if i put that much effort into it. But, my problem is that i'm very very very paranoid. I am very guilty. Very. Like everytime i think about catching up... "i'm scum ;-; "... You might wonder why i did well in my newb. Well for one, sephy lined up the lynches for me. <3 i was able to go through because of him. But at that time, i wasn't aware of 'bussing' 'distancing' or 'connections'. The only kinds of conecctions i did know was those that were in my favor, such as trying to take down a town player (such as terywj) and buddying (terywj again). I always ignored seph, and i was hoping i never had to talk about him. Luckily it never came to that. And then town destroyed it self, and handed me the game. Sorry vandy... <3 also, because of the way you let me go, i don't let newbs go. So i did learn from ya. : D
    ; 0
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