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  • Hola soy de rosarito en 2007 gane primer lugar en un torneo local ssbm en rosarito mis amigos han estado hablando de entrar al torneo local en el evento Kuroi Okami en tijuana en este mes. estaba curioseando sobre los top players de Smash del año pasado y me sorprendi ver a 2 mexicanos en la lista y alguien de tijuana. ahora me siento emocionado probablemente pierda en Kuroi espero un dia ser bueno como tu
    I think so too. Since he is inactive, we need to fight for the title. The only problem with Dittos is that they really don't show who is the best, but we should play anyway. I do have to ask you tho, how do you deal with very aggressive, low laser spamming falcos? Playing Vectorman is extremely hard.
    hey eddy this is the only way i know how to reach you, doubles for wgf starts around 10am tomorrow. I talked to pat and he said he try to postpone our match for as long as he can, but please get here asap. :)
    Good seeing you again at the tri-weekly =) Sorry I didn't make it to finals =( I drank 2 energy drinks and I started to crash while I was waiting for my second match xD No johns, but johns<3
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