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  • come smash!! (MANTECA CA) NOVEMBER 30TTH

    Get ready to smash your way to the top:
    work your way up the ladder with an ally or solo, in a singles
    plus doubles event... 1st - 2nd and 3rd place winner will not
    leave empty handed...
    play hard and win big!!
    Were hoping to give out 100$ cash to the first place winner.
    Nah, I don't go to UCSD, I just go to its tournaments/smashfests. And sorry, I don't know much about other people's majors.
    Yeah, I play Melee at UCSD. Well, I try to go to most tournaments. The last tournament I went to was either the Arcadian tournament or maybe a triweekly (EDIT: Actually the last tournament I went to was a in the spot tournament at a smashfest). I'm up at this hour just browsing the interwebz. No, I don't know anybody with experience in chemistry PhD programs. What will you do with a PhD in chemistry?
    I know man! I actually main a Uria based deck in real life, and MRS is definitely the most key card. Such a good card. Combined with Imperial Custom, it's like infinite defense (especially because it's counted as a token monster).
    Dude I don't even really know you but I love MRSes so that's reason enough for me.

    Am I correct in assuming word got to you that I play yugimons?
    So my assumption was right. I remember playing Yugioh. In middle school.

    Dude, BEWD rules all!
    Hax is amazing. I'm really biased towards Europe, but I really can't deny Over and Dahean (strawhat) aren't as good as they used to be, according to Amsah. Which is quite sad, as Over's sheik was my favorite to watch. Who do you think is taking Pound?
    I'm doing exactly the same. I'm hoping Amsah does well this time. If he doesn't meet Hbox, there's a good chance he will win (if he beats pp). He did lose to Hax last time though.
    I used to main PT, but I switched to Bowser after the summer. I main Bowser in Melee, too.
    I'm hoping I have enough time to go to GENESIS 2. Hopefully there will be more tournaments during the summer--don't think you NorCalers see too many Bowsers!
    I only play Brawl now. I tried playing Melee over the summer with Fiction, and I'm absolute garbage at it now. XD
    Yeah, Miles and I keep up with each other on the PT boards. Small world!

    I'll be just outside of San Francisco this summer. I'm working for DreamWorks Animation in Emoryville.
    yo thanks for updating the 626 thread! is there anyway i could be in charge of the thread? (as in, be OP so I can edit/update it when necessary). there are a few more players id like to add if possible, for instance.

    thanks again. oh, let me know whats happening with the irvine thing when u can~
    Lololol funny story, I started playing a yugioh DS game for nostalgia (I used to play it competitively but yeaaa) and literally every opponent I play feels like they play like 9 Metal reflect slime in their deck.

    Gah dealing with a 3000 def trap card >___<
    Oh wow. You mod a regional zone, too. ='/
    Don't worry. Regional zones are usually like that. I mod Midwest, and I've seen much worse with Atlantic North. But don't let it bother you, and definitely don't stoop on their levels.
    If it gets worse though, I definitely suggest bringing it up to Xiivi if you haven't. This is just plain bullying.
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