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  • you're name looks good in red.. I used to see you post everywhere, but now its so pretty ^_^
    i dont know if they have passports yet..i spoke to ghost/hellblazer and he gave me his msn name ,but i never hit him up yet..i wish they did a player fund for them.i think if u post in the threads repeatedly and people will prob do one for him/them
    Okay. Sorry about that. I do got AIM, and it's PK_Uffe. I don't get many opportunities to get online since the only way for me to access it is when I go to the library. Even then, I only come here on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Anyway, thanks for messaging back. :)
    You and I obviously don't know each other, but I was looking for some tournaments in San Jose, and I came across that topic where people want to get good on Saturday or something like that. I have a friend here that also lives in San Jose and him and I play Melee quite a lot. In fact he's the only real challenge I've had other than my brother. I main Ness, my brother uses Samus and my friend uses Link. Anyway, I'd really like to meet new Smashers and so I thought I'd give you a shoutout. :) I'm not expecting us to play anytime soon, if ever, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm always down for some matches. Maybe we can play some day. Anyway, later!
    Yeah, I used to play the TCG a lot in middle school. I was ok on a local level, but then of course I realized it would cost a ton to ever make a great deck. I haven't followed the metagame for a couple of years now. My deck is quite old.

    Never really got into the anime. First show was decent, second one was dumb, and now it's some screwed up motorcycle bull****. Lol.
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