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  • thank you good sir

    and yeah i think so too

    i've made the full transition to marth but i've hit another plateau. bleh. are you in norcal now?
    Why dont you just tell me what youre talking about.

    And no I have not, why do you ask?
    no i didn't, i'm in hawaii atm XD

    i watched the stream tho. 307 percen ftw
    Everything in the world is good. Think positive.

    And nah man, I like the idea a lot, but there are better characters against mk that can actually make one mistake here and there and not get slaughtered for it.... unlike the fat, feeble-optioned penguin haha!
    I never do, I read player habits and I sometimes hear the button inputs. Nobody mashes left/right/up quite like they can mash the A button - and everyone starts mashing A the moment they get dthrown.

    So I just hear the rapid A button taps and shield usually. If they aren't mashing A, I do nothing and react to what direction they roll.

    /that's my secret you're welcome don't share

    Yea. I just need to dash attack, preferably with a partially cooked grenade in my hand - more often. It'll eat at their shields, gives me cover in case it doesn't quite work out (I can toss it/shield it if need be but not THAT cooked.. I should always be able to toss it)

    Thanks for the advice, and hope my tidbit on how I techchase (besides just knowing how people react to stuff) helps. It's a universal truth from what I noticed. :p
    Ah yes... finding the principles of yourself and life itself...
    Such an easy task :). <--Care to listen further?
    And yeah I getcha about the tournaments... I think the key here is to 'never throw away anything in the trash, but rather put it in a save file for later when the appropriate, yet secure, time arrives'.
    I'm following this beautiful, rich philosophy of mine, and a kind, thoughtful man like yourself could follow me quite easily.

    For Havoc Halloween... I might get a ride with Raz. If I can't, then it's alright. There's always a next time for such a convention, and until then, I will be practicing technical stuff when the next time arrives... and I will only practice during times of inactivity. haha! :)
    college is what iwanted to talk to papa jun about on aim but papa jun didnt respond and then signed off :<
    I know what you mean. I main(ed?) Kirby who is supposedly a "good" character, but no matter how hard I try I keep losing to stupid ****. I picked up Fox a long time ago simply because I realized I had fun playing him, and only started playing seriously with him just like a week ago. He's not a top tier character necessarily, but I enjoy him a lot and I see some major potential, as long as I play smart and don't make stupid mistakes.

    Of course, I could play smart and not make stupid mistakes with Metaknight and get much farther much more easily, but **** MK, ban that @#%#$^#$#@$#$#
    oh, right. I saw your post, and read part of it but it was tl;dr :p

    Anyway, I think people are putting too much emphasis on it regardless. Go to tournaments, win them, no questioning your skillz needed after that.

    I have yet to do that... people won't admit it but midwest is harder than it's given credit for -_-
    hey i saw a match with you vs mikeHAZE on FD where there was rain falling and you were moving through clouds. can u tell me where u got that stage texture from?
    what up man, i see that your from SB. ive been looking for more serious heads to smash with so hit me back up. i live in SB as well
    Thanks man....sorry I can't be on AIM much, because it distracts me way too much to what I should be doing. lol
    When I AM on AIM, I'll be sure to give a proper conversation. :)
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