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  • lol

    yeah I feel like a douche about that. But I was in Charlottesville most of the year back then for school so I never really got the chance.

    Also I didn't know what I know now. I don't think I could do a good job back in '11.
    A bit rate per number of pixels is good. Like for 720x480, 5000 would be good. And if you 2.25x the total number of pixels (1080x720), 11250 bit rate fits that size
    Nice art

    Yes, the cable you're looking at sounds right. You don't need to split the s-video and yellow cables. Plug the yellow cable to the TV and the s-video to your Dazzle. In case your Dazzle cant reach the s-video cable, you should get an s-video extension cable

    S-video and composite (the yellow cable) send their own separated signals so there's no need to split them
    You increase the bitrate during compression (after recording). In video > Compression, when you select Xvid, hit configure. Then set bit rate to whatever

    Also, to resize you video, go to video > filters, then add a resize filter and use these settings (for 720). Make sure the resize filter is listed after your deinterlace filter
    All you need for s-video is an s-video cable for Wii and an s-video extension cable (optional). You call me on Skype stuff will be easier
    Um, I think we're confusing ourselves? If you normally record off of a Wii, the gap in quality to Wii s-video isn't as noticeable as going from GameCube Composite to GameCube s-video or GameCube s-video to Wii composite, so you'd still be really good. Don't worry about it too much, nvm

    But if you end up wanting to record Wii s-video, here's how the cables work:
    You have your Wii s-video cable. The yellow cable goes to the TV and the s-video part goes to your capture card (the signals sent through those cables are separate signals. You can use s-video alone to display the video)
    Your system sounds like it should be fine (same as mine). I don't think you'd need to cut down the audio bit rate at all. I use 320 kp/s and I'm fine. S-video to yellow cable adapter/connector? That's not what I was referring to. Your Dazzle has an s-video input right?
    You don't need the TV to have s-video to record from s-video. Just send the s-video end to your capture device and the yellow cable to the TV. And yes, recording from a Wii is better because it's a sharper picture, even with the yellow cable. S-video from GameCube will show a faint checkered grid of pixels

    And yes, your new videos look really good. For audio during recording, you have to choose a bit rate and frequency. I think most applications work best with 48000 MHz? For the audio problem, try cutting down the bitrate to 128 kb/s and see if you still get any desynced audio. Make sure you don't run any resource heavy programs during recording

    What are you computer specs? (processor, ram, video card)
    I learned a little trick on how to get around youtube's compression

    You know how you 480 resolution videos look a bit blurry when you pause the video? Compare these 2 videos

    [IMG][/collapse] Now focus on Falco's eyes in both pictures. See the difference?

    Youtube compresses videos less for the HD resolutions. Try it with 1080p and see the results. It might be really good (I have a 1360x768 monitor so I can't see for myself, lol). Also, the HD resolutions have a higher audio bit rate to boot [collapse="upscaled video tests"]480
    1080[/collapse] But in order to get that noticeable clarity, you should do this in capture module:
    1. Video > video filter
    2. select the Video Proc Amp tab
    3. set sharpness to full

    Also, with the jump in resolution, you should of course up your video's bit rate
    480 to 720 = 2.25x more pixels
    720 to 1080 = 2.25x more pixels
    480 to 1080 = 5.0625x more pixels

    1 more thing!
    s-video > yellow cable
    Wii > GameCube
    Is there a grand finals 1 or 2 video you uploaded? I don't see it on youtube...

    And don't worry too much about the quality. It took me so long to get a pretty picture going. You'll always improve (I still have ground to gain)
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