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  • It's from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I highly recommend it, although you'll probably find the first 2 episodes rather slow. It's a pretty short anime but it's quite good
    Hello Mr. F, to avoid a giant message on your visitor message slot I'll just give you my AIM name. Its Gamewiz199 you can contact me on there on most days at night/ afternoon. :D <3
    Oh yea I remember him posting about that a while ago. I guess I should learn that lol.
    thanks =) lol, i can't go watch the video myself yet cause i'm already over my isp's bandwidth usage for the month.
    k. i'll add you whenever i get around to setting up aim. no one in canada uses aim so i don't actually have one yet.
    whatever, you beat both his characters =P

    that's pretty cool. i jiggs ditto'd hungrybox at event 52, but that was like...over a year ago now. the closest thing i had from apex was jiggs dittos with darc, who was also in my pool. those were fun. he 2-0'd me, but both games were last stock iirc. i'm gonna add him to aim pretty soon and pick his brain for strategies and stuff =P oh yeah, do you have an aim to give me? i've finally started collecting them after this tourney.
    (second message due to character limit, read the other one first)

    it was nice that he banned brinstar. i never take people there cause i prefer neutrals, and i definitely wouldn't take hax there since he always counterpicks it. but keep that a secret, i want people to keep wasting their ban on me ;)

    i saw you play thorn, that was impressive =) any stories you have from apex?
    lol, that was fun. he was SO worried after he lost the first game, he went off to talk with hungrybox for like 5 minutes. i didn't care that much at this point cause i already knew i wasn't making it out of the pool. and by the third game i just couldn't take it seriously anymore, all of new york was cheering him on and i just kept laughing =P and i was impressed with myself that they felt they needed that much support for some jiggs main none of them had heard of. so yeah, that was pretty cool. i'm looking forward to when they upload the matches.

    as for actually playing him...by match 2 he started spamming bair and i didn't camp him back *shrug* in hindsight i really should have gotten into it more, but it's not like i was sandbagging or anything either. and he definitely outplayed me.
    Only because I was lucky enough not to run into that Jigglypuff. Ur too good Frank.
    Hi. i played with you at RU on friday.

    I'm frank. the guy with the jigglypuff and fox.

    I think i wore a black hoodie and a pokemon t shirt, if that helps you anymore.
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