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  • Hey - could you check your PMs? When you submit rankings can you please try to get character results in those rankings?
    Hello sorry it took me longer than i had wanted... anyway video is up, has 3 matches in it.. hope you can help a fellow yoshi player ^^;

    and sorry you don't know me...and im askin for help.. but im Vectorman ^^ uhh yeah name kinda says it huh? ^^ hope to hear from ya ^^
    that sounds awesome, I'll definitely hit up toronto if I ever get the chance hahaha
    oh wow thanks for the info I didn't know some of that. nifty stuff, hahaha. yeah, canada is definitely a place I want to hit up one day!
    nah it's not that impressive. NorCal in its current state doesn't need much for you to be on the power rankings

    tbh the unranked could probably beat the ranked in a crew battle right now
    that's way more active than over here :/

    no one cares anymore. its gotten to the point where I jumped up like 7 spots on the power rankings lol...
    dude that sounds hella sick

    I wish we had stuff like that here now

    people have been getting lazy :/
    Northern California is becoming less active. We're still somewhat active I guess, but not what we used to be. :/
    oh that sounds really cool. I wish california was still active lol.
    LOL wth I wasn't going to ask that, but thanks for the nifty trivia.

    That sounds so cool hahaha
    Haha, it really is. So.

    I'm talking to a Canadian Smasher, right? Howdy! =D
    hey, ill try and make a fix to that. pools are top 3 advance and mostly seeded based on previous pound tournaments. ill look into that, but these days there are TONS of good players that you wouldnt know were good unless u were from that area, so seeding is EXTRA hard now lol but ill try
    My "Let's Play" Channel (click)

    Just wanted to let you know about my Let's Play series I've got going on. Basically, I play blind playthroughs of video games you guys request and that's it. :bee:

    I'm currently playing Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) and Yoshi's Island (SNES) and I've already finished a Mega Man 10 (Wii) LP as well.

    Just want to invite you in on the fun if you haven't heard about it. If you like the videos definitely SUBSCRIBE to my channel and post on my wall so we can discuss what other kinds of games you'd like to watch me play!

    Thanks for the support. Spread the word! :cool:
    Ugh I wish thorn tried to play me with fox again. His falco is too good compared to his fox.

    That's pretty awesome that you made hax worry so much like that. I hope someday I can do something similar :)

    Nothing was really too much exciting about Apex since a bunch of my friends didn't go/only showed up for day 3, but I did manage to puff ditto hbox. The best thing that happened to me was when he got me with that jab rest shinanigan.
    Ah I see. I have always used MSN, and aim. I also use Facebook, for status updates and such. Myspace is just dead haha. I use Skype sometimes. : D
    Ah I see. I also use Msn (more than aim) but then again, there is an application called Trillian which taps in to all your accounts for many im's and even facebook im. Although if you have skype you'd have to have that open while having trillian open. (I dislike trillian because I'd rather have an all-in-one and not have to open skype, but I still use it if I need to talk to people across im's at times)

    What do people in Canada use usually? : D
    Hey, here is my aim (sumo449) (I didn't really TALK much with you, but I did play you in pools so I dunno if that counts haha) I didn't know you were from Canada haha. Maybe we can talk about Jigglypuff and such, love her too much. <3
    hey kyle can you house this weekend?

    since it's anime north and all and i don't have a place to stay most likely.
    I'm sure that there will be at least one opportunity from 1pm to 11pm where it's open. :D

    I don't mind though.
    just saw your post, thank god Marik's there. Tell him to check his Smash boards account. Tell him sorry I flopped, but I couldn't go out because my parents are really strict about Good Friday <_<
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