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  • Haha don't worry about that, we won't pull Mango's with hangover johns.

    It'd be cool though, since I'll be right down the street.

    Is there a smash fest @ your house happening over christmas break during the first week?

    i might be able to go, depending on what my situation is.

    i live on eglinton and victoria park, scarily close to stos, and i'll be in toronto from the 24th to the 27th or so.
    Awesome. Rep that Jiggs. =)

    She's Top-Tier now, lololol Mango.

    And yeah. I was a white kid, with long hair and a Black and white Toronto bluejays hat. I also wore baggy clothes.

    What did you look like? lol
    well my dad and mom are makig food for tomorrow, they're going to a party, so my parents doesnt really want people over right now.

    and for tomorrow my dad said he could drive us but then if i dont have ride back i wont be able to go (meaning no ride for both of us) so yeaaaaaah. well im waiting for Eric right now to confirm if hes getting a ride back tomorrow night, cause if he is then i would be able to give you a ride.
    i think its best for you to bus it to joshs cause like if i cant go then i just screwed up your plan for saturday >.> so yeah sorry.

    **** kk im gonna go get info on the hotel right now for our tourney lol so we dont have to travel far and stuff.
    kyle have a back up plan for tomorrow.

    well my dad said if someone give me a ride thier tomorrow my dad will try to like pick me up during the night.
    Hey Kyle, if I don't catch you on MSN...

    want to have a quick smash session today?

    <_< it's kind of old. and i'm only on occasionally. but there you go.
    Yeah, but stuff like technical skill and lightshielding help get a grab off, and being able to chaingrab makes a grab more important :P
    Pkm has an awesome DK, I've watched a bunch of vids of him.
    I'm just kinda working on getting some of the more technical aspects of DK down (chaingrab/u-air juggling percents memorizing for most of the higher tiers, light shielding quickly, etc.) currently. =P
    Friendlies on Sunday were great.

    Hope we can meet at another tourney sometime man, your Jiggs is sweet.
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