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  • Still here, can't find any smashers other than out of city tournies so I've been on hiatus
    Yo, the turn out for RoR was prett good, though Brawl Singles finals didn't start till around 1am.

    I got thrashed but I guess I'll be practicing at UB and do some solo training in the mean while.
    Bout what Kirbs just said, there are some strings attached. I'll look more into it and let you know.
    lol I just logged in for the first time in months. I'm in WNY, just south of Buffalo. I can come to your tournament Saturday, right?
    Well, do you have a request for a certain Marth picture I can use to make a banner for you?

    Oh, I also asked Sky (Cloud) if he says yes, that'll be the three of us so far. And I also have another two friends that are good, so I guess that would be five. ^^;
    Question. Would you be interested in being in a Smash group for the Buffalo Smashers? I figured since Rochester has a group, we should too. I could do banners and everything like that for us....
    K so I'll just brinq like 30 dollars or sumthinq. Me n my friend will come. Hey I'm not available 2 mapquest riqht now so if u don't mind how far is the collage from this place:

    3050 park ave NY bronx, 10451
    Thx in advance M126,

    »Professor mgw«
    Sup marthage. I considerd what you said. MOST LIKELY me and my friend will be going if he gets hiz license. How much money will I need in total.
    (Im only planning on doing singles, depends how much everythinq else is.)
    I apologize, man, I didn't get to read your private message until today. I hate the smashboards messaging system, because it has them up as "notifications" >.>
    lol i kinda quit smash for like a while but, i will play at practices somewhat often

    i might still come to a tourny DON'T NOT HOST A PRACTICE :D
    Im gonna be brging different people, mostly siblings, everyone else is on vacation or grad party. I'll be brging my sister lolz, Totally different people this time.
    3-4 people total.
    prolly noone, I haven't really been able to figure this stuff out yet, I'll prolly just be drivin' on my own
    unless you can hook me up with some pplz who want ride? lullz
    I don't want them there! I hate my friends. ;~;

    Well, one didn't really feel like showing up, and the other one's and A-hole(I question why I hang out with him) The mojority of them are little whiners when they lose, some even when they win. So I don't really want them to come and ruin my day. ^^;;
    I honestly didn't know what bus to take, plus I didn't even have bus fare, so I went to my freind's house for a smashfest instead. And I didn't wanna get caught in that big a** storm. D:
    hey i saw u at arena 51 nice game aganist court u really showed him up please friend request me Hammerbro 123
    Definitely, I haven't picked up the game in a while. I live around Deleware/Hertel Avenue intersection. Right on the 25/23/and close to 20 bus routes.
    M126, i saw the tournement you post. 0k, from NY NY 10451, what modes of transportation and how long will it take to get there?
    Please respond.
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