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  • *peeks in* Hi there. So, I'm back. Not sure if you remember me or not. Just dropping by to say hello. ^^
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    eep! hello :)
    Hey, I saw your introduction post in the LBGT group and would like to get to know you ^^ Do you have skype?
    Just wanted to say your an awesome guy. So down to earth. Hopefully we can do this again.

    Oh, and see if you can figure out for me who has my disc. I'll also post whenever you do up the results thread.
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    Good times
    Hi! :3 I just got back from a local Smasher's house. Sooooooo tired. I'll PM later. x3
    Yo sanuz. so the guy from tfns is getting owned at the moment, can't blame him cause I'm getting ***** at work to. but he says he finally has time on monday to look at the calendar.

    So I asked him about January 15th from 12-10 and he'll double check it on monday but he's down for it if available. But he says if it isn't available what other date was i looking. I didn't have an answer so what do you think. If we can't get the 15th, what date?
    well since ur being all big about this we can put it all behind us. sorry for saying ur not likable that was just the fightin words comin out.
    Are casuals happening this Thursday again? I might show if you decide to go, gotta set dat click for work again tho LOL.
    Oh hi it's been a while hasn't it. if you really wanna know why I deleted everything, it was because I realized how stupid I was acting at the time so deleting it was just a way to make me feel a little better.
    Sorry, just been busy with uni. Usually go thgouh them on the weekend when I've got time.
    This is Goggles, do you need Foys address or phonenumber?

    either way, heres both
    address. 3252 S. Winton road.
    apartment m14
    henrietta, NY 14467.

    im not entirely sure that that live in henrietta, they might live within the actual city limits, so if henrietta doesnt work, just use Rochester.

    phone number

    1 315 651 1602
    hey i'll get u the details on monday of where the venue is and stuff itd be great if you want to host melee there for us. Most likely we'll already have TVs but I think i only have 6 in stock to be spread across brawl and brawl+ if brawl+ is going to happen.
    hey, when can we meet for purchasing the anime north tickets, alvin and I need them lol.
    well this tourney is not going to happen.

    I'm sorry that one of Alvin's friends decided to have a birthday party the day the melee tournament was supposed to be and that Alvin would rather go to that.

    So anyways, I'll make sure to confirm everything 1st then offer you next time.
    ok once again I have to say nvm. Asian alvin wans to go to this guys 20th birthday part instead and its the day of so we can't host the tourney that day. sorry for all of the inconvenience, maybe another saturday =/
    nvm man, I got the venue confirmed, I'll tell you what to put in the thread shortly (2morrow latest)
    i still havent been able to confirm the venue dog, I'll let u know with enough notice when I can confirm it tho. remember I want one of em anime north tickets lol.
    yeah i got him at number 1 dun worri, still not guaranteed I'm gunna go so I didn't wanna throw any promises out to other people.
    Yea I'm definitely going to Apex too. See you there man. I dont know about the tourney in Canada. might come to that. But Apex is a must for me.
    haha yea i kno right. I actually had to stay in miami cuz i got a new apartment. Wut is the next OOS tourney u going to? HERB?
    Yea, sorry. I kinda forgot to ask him before I asked you. It's just been a bit stressful trying to smooth out everything. >__<
    Pretty good thanks, started university...has it's good and bad points...plenty of time for smash and traveling for smash so thats a bonus :). Will add you soon :)
    I'd be interested in teaming with you at pound. I wouldn't say any of my videos are the greatest way to judge how good I am *shrug*. I'll leave it up to you though. Thanks. =D
    i asked my mom about that cuz she works with the hotels often. she said they never even check at all, but in the event they do i suggest walking to the other hotel and getting a continental breakfast. the other hotel is 500 feet for a walk
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