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  • mm with cruxis was $20 right? (though he gave you $10 and pokemon gale of darkness i think)
    yeah i apologize - it's just really inconvenient for me to get there compared to A&C

    ok, to let you know - i won't be going on friday, I'm just going to A&C on saturday lol. :(

    http://www.justin.tv/eschamptv/b/287867619 starts at 1:18 or so of part 3 i believe, i love the part after where iliad is talking to you LOL too good.

    or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmZKb1cqhdY

    so yeah, if i started going regularly i'd always TTC there - but the first time my mom would probably drop me off to see where it is etc., so if you don't mind talking to her for like 20 seconds it would be fine. dem overprotective indian parents.

    also i can bring my wii, though GC ports 2-4 sometimes work and sometimes dont - the entire thing is kind of bashed in, sister dropped it once, but it works fine. i'd save all the replays and upload them too lawl :103:
    I think we're going to have a full car and my TV is not one that can fit in a full car. However I'll ask GURU if he's got something a little smaller we can bring along. The Xbox and Marvel I can bring for sure. I can bring a Wii too but it can't read Brawl and it gets the "Game disc could not be read" on Melee pretty frequently so it wouldn't be good for Smash.

    I should have mentioned this tourney to my brother sooner. It'll be too late for him to do any prints now I think though. Plus I know he's really busy with school - he's also in his last semester before graduating.
    hey can you post me the link to your tourney on the 20th i should be able to attend that one
    Its been another 3-4 days lol. Our discussion is rather critical and should happen sooner rather than later lol =/.
    There are a couple of things i'd like to talk to you about. I work from 5pm - 1am so if u can't get on msn before, get on after? They aren't really urgent but it still needs to be discussed.
    Yoooo bring ur 360 power cord to york today plz save us man. we brought. 360 with no power cord. PLz
    i don't understand how people can be so ignorant as to come up with this solution. I didn't enter the tourney cause I could count all the entrants on my hand. I'm not about to pay 10$ to play 4 sets and get 3rd place (thats right I said 3rd place, I can kick the **** out of anyone else there besides hype and doc, and even then, I can beat them).

    Seriously, 4 sets, and 10$, lmao no >_>
    Yo, we posted the PR update without you :(.

    We got impatient. My bad though.
    if you can pull something together today, i would really appreciate it. I need a list for 2morrow, and today would be the last day to get it to me =/
    ok so Alvin is losing the venue in july, so I wanna host a tourney on june 26th, which is the last possible week I can host a tourney at that venue. If you don't know when ur next tourney will be, at least allow me to host mine on this date. I hope it won't interrupt any of ur plans. I need this last tourney man.
    actually we cancelled the trip T_T, and I can't go to Iliad's, I have to help My sister move from new york to chicago, therefore I wont have a tourney for the next lil while T_T
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