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  • your hosting a tourney? I didint know. Ill have to ask my parents. Being 13 sucks!

    And teach me wario. Mines in bad condition. Help me pwn like u!
    We don't need straight brackets, two stock pools can happen while the low tier tournament takes place.

    or we could do it near the end of the tournament.
    I was wondering if we could have a side low tier tournament?

    that'd be sick man, i'd love to do that....

    i'm sure a lot of people would as well. $5 dollars to enter or something
    can you get brawl+ matches recorded?

    vbrawl matches too, just make sure 5ive uploads the matches where he loses. =D
    I'm quitting the game soon, so I rarely feel like playing singles. I used MK and Ganon in brackets, haha.
    Well, the objective was to win, so a team of Canadians would be first, but we had a couple choke moments.

    Not even lying, I told DPhat to think of a really gay Canadian MK player to choose for his part of the team name, and that's who he chose, haha.
    Probably. He's a character who gets results and isn't Snake or MK. Plus he plays extremely similar to Ness. I've always had a pocket Wario secondary but always been too nervous to actually use him in tournament. I know I'll miss having PKT (which I'm now convinced is the second best projectile in the game), but Wario has a more mobile camp game to make up for it. We should play dittos sometime or maybe just test matchups; would be cool.
    Don't worry about it. You know I still <3 you.

    Macs are Scottish, Mcs are Irish, although I'm not postitive.

    Yea, I don't really care for Facebooks, I just want to find old friends, and add up new ones. That includes SmashBoards. Trust, I severely dislike the Facebook community. They're dumb.

    I haven't seen my father in 11 years. That's never going to change, he's a horrible and wretched man.

    My mom? I don't feel like I know her anymore. It's quite sad really, the relationship is practically non-existant.

    Yep, Aboriginal in me. I'm Algonquin and Metis, which explains my pale complexion.

    It's all good, and yeah Aboriginals are nowhere to be found in Toronto, they all moved out west or live on reserves. You can't blame them, all these immigrants and dirty cities polluting our lands.

    It's allright though, I never practice my traditional customs anyways. No family members to teach me. :yoshi:
    Thanks, I really appreciate all that. I feel like you're still getting a lot better too... it's hard to tell sometimes when 2 people are both improving but only play on occasion because then it kinda seems like we're still staying the same, but I have to agree - you got better; way harder to punish.

    I just fell in love with Brawl+ all over again though and immediately went out and bought a new SD card to play again (left my old SD card at Nikos ><).

    I'll be at Niko's OiN for Melee/B+ anyway, so I'll see you there :)
    I wasn't addressing you in particular, just the issue at hand. Also, Fiction is prone to some serious flaws that lead to getting grabbed, in particular, excessive spotdodging. He does it a LOT while next to opponents. The better players will punish that a lot, especially if they're from here in TX. If there's any one thing we can do it's punish spotdodges.

    Besides, Wario only needs to play really careful against grabs against like 8 characters? The rest of the people don't get GR so it's not a huge deal. Swordgard has a point in that the GR mostly affects matchups that aren't bad for Wario in the first place (luckily for us). Now it's huge that I say this b/c I absolutely hate swordgard.
    Gonna try to make it out. School schedule is uncertain right now, and now I'm torn between a group of smash players and a group of SFIV players (who will probably want to go to pownz...but given the option I'd go to your tourney over pownz for sure, main thing is school)
    Footstool jumps happen regardless of normal jumps, and should you still have your dj by the time you footstool, you can DJ after footstooling.
    Just mash jump when you are over their head, if you can guess their trajectory and you're mashing jump, you'll footstool them out of their c4.
    Not really. It's probably one of the reasons I don't usually win, b/c I have a complete lack of pressure at all times :p It's just a game to me, I play it b/c it's fun and Wario kicks ***, how I do in tournament is irrelevant to me. It just turns out that I've been doing really well lately.

    I played Lethal Trilogy in the Grand Finals. The craziest set is vs a Falco called Convael though, that's coming soon enough.
    I got first ^_^ Was my first first place, felt good. And I got to do lots of epic things so my personal goal was met.
    Better than ever, pretty much.

    3rd at Hobo 16 I think it was, then 25th at Apex (though I sandbagged a tad b/c I ran into TX and/or friends), and then 7th at Final Smash.
    I got like 5 XD but 2 of them I really go on. the rest are for registering and stuff.
    Lol this is my new permanent account, too good. I love the shortness of the name.

    can you delete accounts?
    Getting a ride most likely, still havent made sure.

    I can probably bring my DORA t.v the rest are always used.
    Thats a sick crew rite there.
    Theres also lkp's little brother :)

    Jack is so funny lol his bowser is pro too.
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