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  • nvm. in the morning he told me the tourny had to be canceled. Only the date had to be changed : )
    The 18th or 19th are also possible. August 1st, 2nd, 22nd and 23rd are open. Could you confirm that for us? Fizz will try to get some new dates this week, and we need to set up a thread before someone takes out date again.
    Looks like the July 26th tourny is being overlapped by Niko.
    Here's an idea. July 12 is probably still open. I know, Genesis overlaps it too, but who really is going to Genesis other than Ally and Holy. If people MUST watch the stream, a laptop will be setup there with the stream handy. If not, I don't think this tourny can happen :/. F1ZZ will have to see : (
    Looks like Niko IS backing out. Fizz will really appreciate if you can really help organize this tournament. He'll have picks up tomorrow. If the tournament becomes successful, the venue owner is willing to do future monthly events, or even 2 day events.

    Fizz says the new date is July 26 : /. That looks like plenty of time to make this successful.
    And the tourny is not going to overlap Genesis. Hopefully, but Fizz is a johning mother****er
    Hey, fizz has a proposition for you. If Niko backs out on running the brawl tourny, would you be up for coordinating everything? Like the tourny brackets, thread etc? Post back on Fizz's wall since I'm saying this on his behalf.
    ok, ok :laugh: now i remember but when do u think it's a good time to play for you, like when do you think you are free?
    alright gi what is ur msn beccause we still have to do our match and it is really unorganized gimme ur msn alright and it will run a lot more smoothly.

    mine is nasiranis28@hotmail.com
    lol I think I might just use him for wolfs and other mk's.

    XD my luigi improved ( and my marth/mario).

    we gotta have a rematch wario vs luigi I think things will be different :)
    yo man i just got a hang 2 wario u wanna play some matches we have been leaving this match for such a long time...
    do u think msn would be easir? mine is : nasiranis28@hotmail.com
    whats urs?
    XD I am mini boss

    I wanted to main just the mario bros but im going to use marth as my secondary :)
    Lol nop i dont have a video of my mario yet.
    I dun kno anyone who can record my matches. Except 5ive.
    Me and Mist were planning to team up next tourney we go to. lol
    i still want to face you, mist told me that you have a good IC =)
    I never faught a good IC yet, you might be the 1st lol.
    Let me know when you finish your exam, we'll play wifi =)
    lol , long story short : My friend and I made the acc AlIy to bring more hype to the OiN thread since it looked like it was dying , but he had to be dumb and start posting dumb sht on other threads then I got banned since it was registered wit my IP :(

    As for pownz I diddnt get to go because some stuff came up last minute, saw your placing good shiz! gi or u&c lol

    im mini boss , that is all..
    Haha, thanks XD It always hurts my feelings a little bit when people ignore my input in discussions b/c "I'm not good."

    I honestly don't even remember half those matches, lol. I discovered my epic Marth edgeguard on the stream TV. Pivot Bite Marth out of Up + B when they have no double jump = too good.

    I'm still looking for a consistent doubles partner.
    Lol, I got Wario dittod by a player who can't beat me with his other characters. I suck at those, I need to practice them b/c more people are picking up Wario now :( I also never seem to do well at trnies, I think I fatigue quickly of serious smash.

    I 3stocked Domo's MK on FD, and he got 7th at WHOBO, and I won all my MMs (even against Jerm), so it's not like I'm bad, I just suck at tournaments :p

    Which matches did you see on livestream?
    Don't diminish your accomplishments. 7th out of 80 is great, lol.

    I could've played better against Tyrant, especially his D3. I need to brush up on that matchup again, b/c it had been a long time since I'd played it. I still think I could've beaten him if a) I didn't practically throw away my first stock on FD and b) I landed my wafts, which I was using poorly :(

    Jab cancel > Fsmash is GOD!
    I keep track of Wario players, somewhat :p I've known about Nick but I don't care about him as much because he never posts on the Wario boards XD

    Too good, man, you should teach me a thing or two.
    i went to only 1 sban and that two i only new niko and kevin so they said they wanted to have a tournement and i thought i was good at that time but i wasnt and yeah man i wasnt good at all and i was not playing competative I DID NOT EVEN KNOW SMASHBOARDS DUDE

    +i have matches on youtube from sban against mdk GET *****
    Haha, well, Apex may very well be my only out of state venture ever, unless I buckle down and start taking singles seriously enough to start winning. I can give you pointers if you just put up videos, I'll look them over n stuff. If you can make it to Apex though, we'd be golden :p
    Canada is way far... and as it stands now I'm not going to Genesis... I'd like to, but it seems out of my reach. I'll be going to Apex though, in about a month, and I know a handful of Canadians are going to that. Why?
    my friend, (who we dragged into brawl) said his dad could drop us off but returning home is the problem

    i wanna go so badly
    yo man so do u wanna play some smash this weekend? cuz i have like no plans so we should get this **** organized also im not really too much of an online player
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